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Yuki's Avatar Yuki 02:37 PM 11-02-2008
I was thinking about trying this. On the MOA's website it says the 1st floor equals .57 miles. So if I go around each floor two times, I think that will be a pretty good work out!

Of course I'll be pushing my add to it!

Just wondering if any of you mothers goes there early before it opens to do this?

It's been nice out but, soon it will be cold.

If you have any comments, please share!

Om Girl's Avatar Om Girl 04:43 PM 11-02-2008
am.9There's a group called Stroller Strides that has a group exercise class that meets at the MOA once a week. (It costs money, but they're a committed group). They utilize walking with strollers and stationary exercises as well.

I tend to go when it's cold on Tuesday mornings around 9am and then participate in the Toddler Tuesday activities. I'd love to start meeting up with MDC mamas to walk once it gets cold and snowy!
Yuki's Avatar Yuki 05:41 PM 11-02-2008
Thanks Om Girl!

How can I find out more about that Stroller Strides group?

Have you ever participated? Is it a "good" work out?

I love walking around the neighborhood, but when it's cold I tend to hibernate. I thought the MOA would maybe motivate me to walk.
Om Girl's Avatar Om Girl 02:37 AM 11-03-2008
Stroller Strides website. I've never gone, but I've heard good things about it.