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vachi73 08-29-2009 08:48 PM


We're expecting twins in November, #3 and #4 for us. We think we will need some nighttime help, and are considering hiring a night nurse for a few weeks.

I'm looking for a recommendation for someone wonderful who is:

1. Experienced with twins (or multiples)
2. Familiar with INTACT CARE (not sure if we have any boys in here, but we have two other boys, so reasonably likely)
3. Pro-breastfeeding, and who will help me figure out how the heck to do two at once (I am a HUGE nurser, and expect to be successful, but recognize that this may require learning for me and the babies, too ... and need support in place to keep my spirits up!)

We have two older sons, so we have some idea what we're doing with babies, just not two at once Also, we welcome opinions, but expect that our wishes will be followed in the case that we have different ideas (for example: my DH is immovable on disposable diapers...he's not budging on gDiapers or cloth, period).

Lastly, most likely my parents will be around after the twins are born, and, although they are mostly wonderful, they can also be a challenge at times ... the right person will be able to tolerate (or even love) them, too.

Anyone know anyone? Anyone have any experience with having twins and using a night nurse/nanny? For example, how long might we need someone? etc.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, recommendations, observations ...

waldorfknitmama 08-30-2009 11:02 AM

Oh man, I live in MN so no help here sorry, but I plan to move to CO hence being on this board, BUT I readyour post and seriously I would have LOVED to do this!!! I am sorta obsessed with sweet chubby cute looking babies so twins is such a big bonus!!! I am looking into pp doula-ing and this would line right up with that!!! Man if I was in the Denver area NOW I'd be applying!

Good luck with your such and a huge huge huge CONGRATS!!!

cjcolorado 09-08-2009 06:17 PM

Hi vachi, congratulations on your twins! Mine are 3 now and always keep things entertaining. I agree, a postpartum doula sounds like it might be a good choice for you. Here is the listing from the Colorado Doulas page--if you scroll down, you'll see who offers services as a postpartum doula. There is a night-nanny service in Denver, whose name I've forgotten, but I suspect their standard childcare practices might not line up with your desires.
I did not use a night nanny or doula, though there were about a dozen times I certainly would've liked to those first couple of months! (We always thought about that in retrospect..."geez, that was a rough night, what I would've given for some help!"
Best wishes for a beautiful birth and uneventful transition to MoM-hood. Also, stop by the "parenting multiples" forum here at MDC when you get a chance!

2kiwimama 09-09-2009 11:48 PM

You should contact Angela Seeling. She is a fabulously experienced doula who also had twins for babies 2 and 3. I highly recommend her!!!
Angela Seeling <>

JaymeH 09-24-2009 11:44 PM

Just read your post, congratulations!
I took a class from a post-partum doula over at Rose a few years ago (she taught a breast-feeding class, but also mentioned that she ran her own business). Her website
You may have found something already, but just thought I'd pass on the info!
Good luck to you all.

Sharonrowland 04-13-2011 12:54 PM



Smooth Transitions offers In-home Newborn Care. You can contact them at 303-635-0979 or



SleepTightNanny 06-23-2012 01:54 PM

Sleep Tight, OverNight LLC Nannies are all trained on The Happiest Baby On The Block as well as Dunstan Baby Language!

Check Us out at

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