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Rose-Roget's Avatar Rose-Roget 03:03 PM 12-24-2009

babe&baba's Avatar babe&baba 10:25 PM 12-24-2009
I would suggest the Heartland Naturopathic Clinic. I haven't been there personally but have heard good things.

Good luck to you.
Rose-Roget's Avatar Rose-Roget 11:28 PM 12-30-2009
Thank you! I'll look into that.

(PS - I'm also a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!)
SpunkyMama's Avatar SpunkyMama 04:09 PM 01-05-2010
Bette Tarrant, LCSW. 334-1122 She tends towards an alternative style of life. My DH sees her, and she hasn't so much batted an eye about the fact we co-sleep and other parenting decisions. Our DS is spirited, too. He is a 13 month old ball of "spiritedness!!"

If you ever want to talk about spirited children LMK!!