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KHall05's Avatar KHall05 03:44 PM 10-16-2010
My older sister moved to Manhattan Ks with her family this last summer. They recently decided to have a third child and have a homebirth. It will be their first homebirth.
Anyways, She is having troubles finding midwives. The one she found would be on vacation at the time of her due date if she is pregnant right now (they are waiting a few more days to take a test). I was just wondering if anyone knows of anymore midwives that would do a homebirth in manhattan, ks. My sister isn't too sure how fast her labor will go because she had an epideral for her first 2 kids.
Any help would be great!

may babies's Avatar may babies 11:38 AM 11-10-2010

I'm sorry, I don't know of any homebirth midwives in the area. Some women in Manhattan do drive to the Topeka Birth & Women's Center, though. It's a wonderful freestanding birth center, and as close to a homebirth as you can get without actually being at home. I had both of my kids there. It's about an hour (maybe a little less) from Manhattan.

midwifebethany's Avatar midwifebethany 03:17 PM 12-07-2010

I don't know of any midwives in Manhattan, but there are some in that general area. The Birth Partners website would be a great place to look. If she can't find a good option closer, I'd consider taking her, though I'm 2-2.5 hours away, so it wouldn't be an ideal situation.