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chrisnjeri's Avatar chrisnjeri 04:50 PM 05-18-2011

Hey there MDC.  My husband and I are thinking about relocating with our 4 month old DD to Lincoln from Flagstaff AZ this summer.  I have been there, and liked what I saw over a weekend, but am wondering what it is like to live there.  Flagstaff is an arty college community with great family-friendly events.  For the most part, it is BFing, APing friendly with a lot of options for education - and some fun mom's & parenting playgroups. 


I am a new mom, but older, so I am a little sensitive to criticism about how we are raising our LO.  What is it  like raising kids in Lincoln?  What are good, friendly neighborhoods to live in?  Anyone have a child who attends Montessori in Lincoln?


Any advice/thoughts/suggestions are most welcome!  rocks.jpg

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 03:32 PM 09-08-2011

I just ran across this post.  Are you still interested in Lincoln?

chrisnjeri's Avatar chrisnjeri 07:56 PM 09-08-2011

Hi!   Yes, we are still interested in learning about Lincoln, we are moving there in October.  I've been doing some online research, but it is pretty general.  I am interested in pediatricians, neighborhoods, and also am wondering about the Attachment Parenting group that meets.  We are also thinking about trying to have another little one, I can't seem to get any information about how supportive the hospitals/midwives are for VBACS I would appreciate any information about Lincoln, and also the Montessori preschool or other preschools.


Thanks for replying, it will be a big change and I would like as much information as I can get before we go.  thanks.gif

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 01:33 PM 09-09-2011

I hope to be accredited as an AP leader within the next month or two.  So, our AP meeting October 1st will be an unofficial meeting.  I am also a La Leche League Leader so I can give you info on LLL groups in Lincoln. 


There are a few Montessori preschools here.  We homeschool so I don't have first hand knowledge of them. 


Sad to say, hospitals, (and subsequently midwives because of the hospitals) aren't supportive of VBACs in Lincoln.  But, there are some great midwives in Lincoln.  Also, from what I hear, a nice ICAN group in town.


We love Lincoln!  It is a great place to raise a family.  Not many crunchy people here but we do exist.

chrisnjeri's Avatar chrisnjeri 06:45 AM 09-10-2011

I appreciate your reply.  It's great that the AP group is still meeting, we don't have one in Flagstaff (that I know of) so I am looking forward to meeting up with some new parents.  I've looked at the Lincoln La Leche League website and was pretty excited to see that there is a meeting for moms with older babes - not that we're there yet, but we plan to be!  


Most of what I've read about and seen of Lincoln sounds promising, and we think it will be a good move for our family.  Perhaps we will actually meet in person at the AP or LLL meeting in the coming months!