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chewynotcrunchy's Avatar chewynotcrunchy 07:34 PM 07-05-2011

wave.gif  Hi all,   I am looking to move to the Council Bluffs/Omaha area in the next year and need some insight into the area.  Are there many AP/holistic parenting groups?  How about non-vax friendly health care providers?  How about homebirth midwives?  Tell me what you love/hate about the area.  Any and all info is welcome and appreciated!


Many Thanks!!!

MeesterMama's Avatar MeesterMama 12:41 AM 07-29-2011!/OmahaNP  That is the Omaha area natural parents link and that will link you to many other groups too.  Our ped which is amazing and no vax friendly is Dr. Whitcomb at Methodist Physicians 186th and Q (Across from Millard West Highschool). Welcome to the Big O. 

chewynotcrunchy's Avatar chewynotcrunchy 07:09 PM 07-31-2011

Thank you!

thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 10:06 AM 08-02-2011

Katie covered about everything I was going to, lol. We see. Dr. W as well. Homebirths aren't huge and encouraged here but they can be done. I attended one this weekend in IA, amazing!

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 06:11 PM 09-07-2011

No API groups in Omaha.  But we have one in Lincoln.  I just posted a thread on it today.

thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 01:25 PM 09-08-2011

We have a mama who just had a baby who was looking at starting an API group here in Omaha though.

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 01:26 PM 09-09-2011

Originally Posted by thepeach80 View Post

We have a mama who just had a baby who was looking at starting an API group here in Omaha though.

That would be great to have an API of Omaha!  Invite her (and anyone else) to our next API meeting.  API leader applicants need to have a recommendation from an AP leader to apply.  (If there's a leader available.)



thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 04:44 PM 09-14-2011

I'd love the info! Are you on fb? Can you make an event or something for me to share?

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 03:43 PM 09-15-2011

Here's the website for API of Lincoln.  Please share with everyone!  :-)