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I gave birth last monday to ds and I refused the vit k shot at the hospital so they wouldn't perform a circ. DH wants one done b/c he is and I told him he could make that decision (he knows I am not for it greensad.gif, but his choice) The problem we have run into is the pediatrician we are using (she is actually a PA b/c Im not a big fan of md's) does not perform circs in her office (we live in council bluffs) She called the pediatrician she refers pts to to set up a circ at 1 month old for us and found out he won't do a circ without a vit k shot even at 1 month and he also said he doesn't know any pediatricians in CB that will do it without the vit k shot. Does any one know a pediatrician in the Omaha area willing to do one. It is stupid to me b/c baby's have their own clotting factors after 8 days of life so why in the H do they need a vit k shot??!!! Im not a doc and I know this!! Can anyone help me?

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Well, if you don't want it done, this is a great excuse to put it off forever.


By the way, if you are an intact woman, you have a prepuce yourself.  It's called a clitoral hood.  In that case, you might be more qualified than your husband to make this decision.  Of course, the choice really belongs to your intact and perfect son--when he's a consenting adult.


Please visit the Case Against Circumcision forum here on MDC.  :)


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While it is true I don't want it done I feel that my DH also has a say in the decisions we make for OUR son. He is a circ'd male and does not hold a grudge against his parents for making that decision for him when he was an infant. I have done my research and am very informed about the decisions I have made in my DS 1st week of life. I am very happy that so many people have such strong opinions about circumcisions but I am not asking for an opinion about what I should do. My DH feels strongly about HIS son looking like he does and I am ok with that. I did not post on here to be judged about any informed decision I make as a parent. I am looking for help so if anyone else wants to share their opinion please don't. It is ultimately my decision about what I feel is right/wrong for MY son. Isn't that my right as a parent?

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I am so sorry you feel questioned about clipping/cutting your sons natural body part! I know I would like to be a voice for him. And may I suggest you and your hubby attend the surgery to comfort him.
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Hello newmama987 and welcome to Mothering. Please take a moment to read our Web Statement of Purpose so you can become more familiar with what we're all about. While you certainly have an obligation and a right as a parent to make decisions for your child, we do draw lines at what sort of discussion focus we will host.


Our community is very much a place of nocirc.gif and intactivist.gif views and support. So asking for resources and referrals to have your son circumcised is out of place here and you will come up against some strong opinions. At the same time, you will get a lot of information and support against circumcising over in The Case Against Circumcision forum if you would like to talk to mothers there about your feelings against circ and how to approach that with your husband.  


If you are set on circumcising but have other values in common with our community - which I suspect you do since you refused the Vitamin K at birth for your son -  then please avoid the circumcision topic. 

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Well, I know you think it is your dh's decision, but it is your son's decision. And the hospital was right not to circa without Vit K. You can always leave the option to your son, but you can not undo a circumcision.

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I have heard women say that in cases like yours, they make their husbands do all of the work.  Make him find a doc, make the appointment, take him, do the wound care, etc. 



I am very against RIC, but I will say that one of the family practice docs in the practice we go to does them.  The other two refuse on principal.  Circ is super popular in Omaha, so I'm sure you won't have a hard time finding someone to cut your son.

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I suggest you contact your local Jewish community and see if you can find a rabbi to do the procedure for you. While I personally am against RIC, if your family would like it done I think doing it with spiritual and gentle hands is far preferable to the method used by many hospitals and doctors. You could also ask at what age the doctor will do the procedure without the K shot. After all, 6 months or so may be all the time your DH needs to change his mind and decide to leave your DS intact. I also support the suggestion above of making your DH do the planning, scheduling, and aftercare.

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My husband wanted to circ and I told him too bad.It may be our child but it's my job to protect my child. He may not resent his parents for the choice that was made for him, but you can't guarantee your child won't resent you for taking that choice away from him. My girls look nothing like me, they have blonde hair and blue eyes, I have neither but I'm not about to make them wear brown contacts and dye their hair so they look like me. Everyone sees we look nothing alike, no one is going to know your husband and child don't have matching penises.

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My son's nose is different from his dad's as well - I certainly wouldn't get him a nose job to look more like his father. 

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Well, I did leave it up to DH, so I'm actually with you there, but, I don't live in or anywhere near omaha (we are in colorado, near boulder) and none of our 3 sons are circumcised, cause my dh didn't want them to be (yes, my dh is circucised, not that it matters) so I'm not any help at all.  I suggest going someplace else to ask this question, or if it is really that important, get the vit. K shot now...most of the issues with it (and I did refuse it) are not that big, and a lot of them aren't even an issue at 1 month old like they are with a newborn.

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