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Suzy's Avatar Suzy 08:11 PM 09-24-2011

Looking at a possible relocation.  Pros and cons of Front Range towns as opposed to Laramie, WY.  What is the homeschool climate like in both states?


Thanks for the input!

babycatcher12's Avatar babycatcher12 08:08 PM 09-26-2011

I live on the Front Range. Pueblo West to be exact. The homeschooling climate in CO is very friendly and we love it. There is a fairly large homeschooling population where we live. Depending on where you're looking on the front range the climate can be very different...we are high desert which we enjoy. The winters are very mild here, but we still get snow. :) 


Laramie is beautiful. We've driving through several times and have friends who live there. I have no idea what the homeschooling climate is like. 


Where are you looking at on the Front Range and I can tell you a little more.

Suzy's Avatar Suzy 09:04 AM 10-03-2011
We are looking at the northern front range. My husband likes Laramie but I'm thinking it may be too cold for me there. Thanks for your input!
comichelle51's Avatar comichelle51 09:36 AM 10-11-2011

We just relocated to Fort Collins after living in Maryland for the past 2 1/2 years. We lived in Colorado before that but in Aurora and Longmont. I don't know a lot about Laramie, have driven through it a few times and had dinner there last weekend on the way back from camping. My initial impression of the differences are one, Laramie is a much smaller town than Fort Collins, a pro if that is what you are looking for, a con if not. I guess the biggest negative of Laramie is weather. It is really windy there and tends to be colder than Fort Collins. I think the wind is the biggest problem with blizzards and blowing snow. I am definitely not the expert on Laramie.


We personally LOVE Fort Collins. When my husband was looking for jobs when we were living in Maryland, Fort Collins was our #1 choice of places were we wanted to settle down and raise a family. What I love about Fort Collins is that it is a big enough city to have a lively downtown area (Old Town) full of unique shops and restaurants, art festivals, music festivals, and cultural events. They have three libraries with a good selection of kids and adult books and activities for children (story time, crafts, etc.). Fort Collins is a very outdoor minded city, with tons of parks, and an amazing biking/walking trail system throughout town. You truly can get almost anywhere on town on the trail system. We are in the north park of town and there are a lot of lakes for outdoor activities too. Our neighborhood has a lake in which you can swim, no wake boat, fish or simply take a walk and enjoy the scenery. Our neighborhood is full of kids and everyone plays out front and rides bikes, scooters, etc. which I love. I love that is a big enough city to have all the amenities you could want but not part of a huge metro area like Denver.


I can't speak to the homeschool climate since my children are in public school here which so far have been great. I think homeschooling in Colorado is pretty mainstream and you could find a good network of other homeschooling families in any major city in Colorado.


Hope that helps!

teastaigh's Avatar teastaigh 08:21 PM 01-08-2012



It's a bit late to respond here, maybe??

Anyway, I like Laramie -- lots of pretty old areas and a great university, but the town

is painfully windy most of the time.


We're in Fort Collins. Homeschooling here is great -- inside the home -- and a bit

limited outside the home, depending on what you are looking for. Since the

public schools are relatively good and with lots of choices, there isn't such the

dire impetus for some to homeschool. That said, there are several thousand homeschooled

children in the area. On the whole, homeschoolers are very independent people, and

the majority do not belong to one of the 5-6 major support groups in the area. There

are plenty of public-free and private-pay-for homeschooling enrichment programs. The

school district is not as friendly as it used to be, but we are in a fairly homeschooling-friendly

state with requirements that aren't onerous.


Best to you!