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marcib28's Avatar marcib28 09:23 PM 08-04-2014
We just moved to Windsor and found out we're expecting #3 After complications with my first delivery, DH is not comfortable with me delivering outside of a hospital, so I am looking for a midwife that delivers at a hospital. Every review I can find is just negative so, I have an idea of a couple midwifery practices to avoid, but have no idea which midwives are good. I've looked through previous posts and found a couple mentioned, but they mostly discuss home birth midwives. Any recommendations?
Thanks ladies!!

gzornblat's Avatar gzornblat 12:24 AM Today
I had my son nearly three years ago through the midwives working at McKee in Loveland. It was a decent experience. I will say that they were a little more "medically minded" than I would have preferred, but overall it went fairly well. Cons were that you cycle through six or seven midwives and don't know who you'll end up with when you deliver. The thing that frustrated me the most was that when I went in for my appointment right before my due date they were like, "ok, let's schedule your induction!" And there were a few other interventions that they did or wanted to do that I had to say no to, but overall the hospital is very baby-friendly and I did end up having the natural birth that I wanted. It' a pretty decent compromise of being in a hospital but not being overwhelmed with a highly medicalized OB.

Whatever you do, don't deliver in Greeley. That hospital is a a a C-section factory. Every single person I know who delivered there ended up with a section for very ridiculous, unneeded reasons.

Hope that helps.