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ScarlettsMumma's Avatar ScarlettsMumma 07:21 PM 10-01-2011

Hi Ladies,

just moved back to Bozeman and now we have a little one. I am aware of all the great Naturopaths in the area, but I was wondering if I could get any feedback from any of you about M.D.s in the area who are okay with or even supportive of not vaccinating or selective vaccination. We are still making up our mind, but if we vax at all it will be selective. Our insurance doesn't cover N.D.'s so looking for an M.D. Thanks! (oh and if this should be posted somewhere else, could any of you help me with that? this is my first post!)



Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 08:19 AM 10-05-2011
Welcome to MDC! I'm moving this to the MT tribe for more local responses. smile.gif
ScarlettsMumma's Avatar ScarlettsMumma 02:00 PM 10-06-2011

Thank you!:)


runkin's Avatar runkin 08:38 AM 10-12-2011

Holcomb Johnston from Sweetgrass Natural Medicine possibly? Check her out at

We live in Helena, but know several people who drive to Bozeman just to see Holcomb. Not sure if she is an MD or not, but I know she helps people create selective schedules that work for their kids if that is what they want to do. Good luck finding someone that works for you. If you go to Holcomb, tell her Rita says hi!

btlbabe's Avatar btlbabe 12:09 AM 01-22-2012

I'll be moving to the area soon and have been researching this subject. I finally came across the facebook group called Montana Families for Health Freedom, and there was a post recommending Jessica Bailey, MD as a vax-friendly family practice doctor. We are a military family and she isn't listed as a contracted provider but I'm going to see about getting her to be on the list!  Now I feel like I can move there and keep my kids safe. :)