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randic116's Avatar randic116 12:58 PM 08-28-2012

we are currently living in WI, while hubby is working in Williston.  We are putting our house here up for sale and hoping to find something in MT.  Hubby says Richey/Sidney/Culbertson is where he  wants to be.  (I've not been there yet)

Anyway, just looking for info, or other natural mamas to connect with.  :)

Some things about us:  We are a homeschooling family, 3 girls ages 6, almost 3, and 7 months.  I enjoy sewing, hubby loves bluegrass music and classic rock, listening and playing. We would like to find a place in the country, raise our own food (we have chickens now) including a milk cow and our own beef.  Is there anywhere to shop for organic food?  a farm market?  bulk food store or coop?  we eat mostly organic, whole/real foods, and I'd like to continue to do so!  Also looking for a holistic chiropractor. 

Thanks!  Looking forward to meeting some new people!

BriasMommy's Avatar BriasMommy 03:09 PM 08-29-2012

Hi! Lots of questions, where to start!


Are you on Facebook? There is a group there that I can add you to that will help you sort this all out. I'll pm you so we can friend and chat.


Welcome, in advance!



wifeandmommy2-4's Avatar wifeandmommy2-4 03:44 PM 09-09-2012

Hi there! Hubby has been working in Williston for a few months and just got me and the kids up here last week. Before then we lived in Texas where we had a small homestead. We had chickens and goats! We also homeschool and plan to have a homestead again someday but probably not here. We are focused on getting debt free right now.

I found a little health food store in Glendive, MT called Farm to Table.

I'd love to know if there is anything closer too.

BriasMommy - can you let me know the facebook group?

JennPook's Avatar JennPook 11:20 AM 10-22-2012

Crysta can you tell me about the facebook group as well?  Also My source for good produce is  I know Sidney has a pickup for it and also Plentywood.  It is a good deal and I got my first basket last week.  Very pleased with it as a way of getting quality produce at reasonable prices.



BriasMommy's Avatar BriasMommy 08:58 AM 01-17-2013

I think I got the info to the people wondering about the FB group, but for others, check out:


Crunchy Families of North Dakota :

Williston Breastfeeding Support Group:


Good luck, and welcome to Williston!

SandyBeachBums's Avatar SandyBeachBums 09:26 PM 02-16-2013
I need to rejoin the group smile.gif. I just went and tried again. We are working on getting a mortgage. My husband really likes his job there. So, just working on things. I need to find homeschoolers.
BriasMommy's Avatar BriasMommy 11:04 PM 02-16-2013

Hi Sandy! We can definitely help you connect with homeschoolers in the area. Good luck in your move!

Fentons's Avatar Fentons 06:59 PM 07-29-2013

Could you please re post the fb link? This one is not working. 

SandyBeachBums's Avatar SandyBeachBums 01:04 AM 08-08-2013
You might need to be added to the group?

We ended up in Miles City, MT.