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wifeandmommy2-4's Avatar wifeandmommy2-4 09:22 AM 09-11-2012

I am looking for a doctor for when we need one (not often) in the williston area. I would be willing to drive a few hours if needed.

I would also be willing to go to a regular doctor that gets that I call the shots and is non-vax friendly.


Thanks for the help!

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 02:34 PM 09-19-2012

Anyone have a recommendation to share?

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 12:39 AM 09-29-2012

Well if you are willing to travel about 4 hours you can go to the nurse practitioner that I take my kids to when I dont know what the problem is (each of them have gone once in their lives), and she has been SO GOOD about my choosing not to vax and is in to home birth!  PM me if you want :)