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nick&jonmom's Avatar nick&jonmom 11:49 AM 08-07-2008

This may be a longshot, but I wondered if anyone has any leads for us to find a rental property in Bozeman. We have searched property managers listings, but all the ones that fit our criteria, ie 2 cats , are not available until September. We are flying up there on Aug 21 and would rather not stay in a hotel for 2 weeks while we wait for the rentals to be available. It's almost impossible too because our things will arrive about the same time, and then we have to deal with storage and then being on our own to move our stuff into the house, etc etc...We only need a temporary place because we will be searching for a home to buy soon after we arrive.

Any thoughts on this? We are getting a bit frantic about finding a place!

`guest`'s Avatar `guest` 10:51 PM 08-07-2008
Did you try bozeman chronicle ad section? I think it's It's a hard time of year, students coming back and all...good luck!

Also craigslist is worth a shot.
KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 10:55 PM 08-07-2008
Originally Posted by SMUM View Post
Did you try bozeman chronicle ad section? I think it's It's a hard time of year, students coming back and all...good luck!

How are you?! Been thinking about you and Bozeman. I will send you an email.
`guest`'s Avatar `guest` 11:53 PM 08-07-2008
Hey, hope you are doing better now! Mucho good vibes to you and your beautiful children. I look forwrd to hearing from you, sorry to offtrail thread. Ooooh the weather this yr has been soooo nice! Sorry you got last year's "lovely" summer!
nick&jonmom's Avatar nick&jonmom 06:27 PM 08-08-2008
Hey, no worries about "off trailing" thread, mines pretty boring!

Rental problem solved anyway! We found a home for our cats here (we've been tryingo for a long time now since ds has asthma and is allergic to cats), and we grabbed a fully furnished condo in Bozeman for one month. As soon as we get up there we will start searching for our own rental and move into that until next spring, then hopefully our house here will have sold and we can search for a house to buy up there. Whew, moving is a lot of work and shuffling and decision making!:

Thanks anyway for the help! Can't waitn to get up there and maybe even run into some of you mdc mamas!
CindyCindy's Avatar CindyCindy 02:51 AM 08-09-2008
When is your official moving date? You will have to let us all know when you get settled in!
`guest`'s Avatar `guest` 12:49 PM 08-09-2008
Congrats on your new home, welcome to the last best place.
nick&jonmom's Avatar nick&jonmom 11:56 AM 08-11-2008
Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I am absolutely thrilled to be moving there!

Our official arrival date is August 21st, just a little over a week away! First thing when we get there will be to get our computer up and running, so I will let you all know when we're there. Our temporary rental is a furnished condo across the street from some big park, sorry, I don't know names of anything yet, but we'll probably be at the park everyday and soak up the nice weather, something we haven't had here since I can't remember when!

What are the ages of all your children? I have 2 boys, 7 yo and 2 1/2 yo.

Thanks again!
CindyCindy's Avatar CindyCindy 04:00 AM 08-17-2008
My son is 3.5 and my daughter is 1.5. My son will play with anyone though! He is a very friendly little fellow.
nick&jonmom's Avatar nick&jonmom 03:21 AM 08-19-2008
Originally Posted by CindyCindy View Post
My son is 3.5 and my daughter is 1.5. My son will play with anyone though! He is a very friendly little fellow.

Maybe we could meet up someday up there. Is it a small enough place that people run into each other at the grocery store or wherever they are out and about? I plan to homeschool my 7 yo for a while until if/when I find a school I feel good about putting him into. He has severe food allergies so school is a challenge for us. But, he loves to play too, as does my lo, so maybe we could meet at a park or something like that. I'll pm you my # if you want after we get up there.

Thanks again for all the hospitality, it makes me feel good about the choice we've made to move up there. Maybe it really is the last best place!
CindyCindy's Avatar CindyCindy 03:00 AM 08-23-2008
Yeah, PM me and we will get together. To me this isn't a "small town", you definitely run into people you know every once in awhile, but we have 7 different grocery stores in Bozeman, so that can give you an idea of how big we are.
milkmommie's Avatar milkmommie 04:53 PM 08-25-2008
Hey, I'm here posting for Nick&Jonmom. They've arrived in Bozeman and are staying in a short term rental. Now struggling with deciding weather or not to rent long term or buy and where to look!!
She wanted to thank you and let you all know she's there.
If you want to PM me, I can give you her phone # or give her yours. She's looking forward to meeting some MDC Mammas in Bozeman!!
nick&jonmom's Avatar nick&jonmom 05:45 PM 09-25-2008
Hi MDC mama's in Bozeman! We're here and finally got our computer on and set up with internet. That was a long time to go without connection to MDC, I definatley had some withdrawls!

I'd love to meet up with any of you who are interested. Maybe a play date at a park or ?? somewhere else? My boys are 7 yo and 2 1/2 yo and LOVE to play outside; we are so enjoying this lovely, mild weather!

Thanks again for all the support while we figured out about moving here. So far we absolutely love it and are thrilled that we are here!
annabandana's Avatar annabandana 03:11 PM 10-03-2008
Hi, we live outside of bozeman...I also would say and consider maybe even outside bozeman like livingston or belgrade? There is also big are you looking for? If you let me know what size and price range I will keep my eyes open for you.

I also wanted to introduce myself as I just joined the group. We moved to this area from the Kalispell area. We have 3 grown children in 3 different colleges off of I 90 so we wanted to live closer to I 90. We also have one 3yr old who I am a stay at home mother with. I would love to meet some other mom's even though I am a older mom. So I am glad I found this group.: