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Mrs.VW's Avatar Mrs.VW 02:11 AM 09-17-2009
Does anyone have any opinions about St. Joe's in Phoenix? I'm trying to find a hospital that will allow me to have a natural birth and really don't know where to start. My husband is not very keen on the idea of a homebirth and wants to try to find a happy medium.

guestmama9972's Avatar guestmama9972 02:58 AM 09-19-2009
I did not give birth at St. Joe's, but I am a little familiar with it. I believe that it depends on your doc and the nurse you have, but overall the hospital seems to support natural birth. One nice thing about St. Joes is that a couple of midwives that used to work at the Bethany Birth Center now deliever there. They are CNMs, which might make your dh feel better, plus the hospital environment provides some measure of security when considering what might go wrong. You will have a much, much better chance of getting the natural birth you want with one of those wonderful midwives!

I was hospitalized there a great deal during the first half of my last pregnancy and was seeing a team of high risk OBs. Miracles do happen, because my issues resolved by 30 weeks and I was able to have a homebirth like I wanted. I did tour St. Joe's maternity unit and was disheartened by the construction and the fact that I'd have to move four times during my stay: triage, a labor and delivery room, a recovery room, and a postpartum room. That was way too much moving for me. Things might be better there now if the construction is finished.

I can say that the nurses who cared for me, some of which were L&D nurses, were top-notch. I was extremely ill and they literally helped save my life.

I can find the names and number of the midwives if you want, or I am sure someone else on the board has them. Let me know! Good luck!
Mrs.VW's Avatar Mrs.VW 03:40 AM 09-19-2009
Thanks Miss Blue!

I would love the names and numbers of the midwives! That would be very helpful!

Its good to hear that you had a good experience with them. My mother had 3 VBACs at St. Joe's but that was back in the 80's/early 90's. She highly recommends them, but seeing as it's been over 20 years since she last gave birth I need some recent input.

Thanks again!
guestmama9972's Avatar guestmama9972 04:45 PM 09-21-2009
Donna Tash, CNM; Connie Garcia, CNM
500 W. Thomas Road #800
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: (602) 406-3510

Good luck!
Chakra's Avatar Chakra 01:32 AM 09-25-2009
I interviewed two of the midwives there for having a vbac. They were both rude and nasty. totally unsupportive and mean.
lurve's Avatar lurve 02:19 PM 10-03-2009
phoenix baptist is probably one of the better hospitals for having a natural birth. i was born at st. joe's a long, long time ago back when they were against giving pain meds (for religious reasons which is why my mother went there. we are not catholics, but ya know). but things have changed. thougoh evidently they have gotten some midwives from the defunct birthing center now....
itzhak3's Avatar itzhak3 08:04 PM 02-11-2010
I would unfortunately have to agree with Chakra, the midwives there aren't all gold.

I delivered my son there with Anita Martinez--who is AMAZING!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVED Connie Garcia--she was my primary prenatal care.

However, the "midwife on call" (who was actually previously recommended in this thread) was AWFUL to me. She actually told me I was "wasting her time" and "couldn't really be in labor because I wasn't screaming". (Well, we're a HypnoBirthing family, so I'm sorry to disappoint!) And all that was after telling my mother she was lying about her birth experiences of her water not breaking until she was fully to 10cm-- "That never happens. All women rupture between 7 and 8." Talk about crazy lady!

I'd read about it, but didn't really know how psychological labor was until that point. My labor completely shut down to a standstill until Anita's shift started. Then we were in business.