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frontierpsych's Avatar frontierpsych 06:20 PM 10-02-2009
what is your approximate take home pay? I'm not 'in the know' with all this state tax stuff here, it's a new state and my husband is getting out of the military. I'm trying to plan a rough budget for us in advance since he could be starting in as soon as a month.

valkynlu's Avatar valkynlu 09:55 PM 10-02-2009
It depends on how much you want to be taken out. Below is a website that would be good to look through.


What are the withholding rates for Arizona?

"Arizona withholding is required from income received for services performed in Arizona. The Arizona rates are a percentage of federal income tax withheld. The minimum rate is 10% for employees whose annual compensation is less than $15,000. For employees whose compensation is $15,000 or more, the minimum rate is 19% of federal income tax withheld. An employee may also elect a higher percentage of withholding (19%, 23%, 25%, 31%, or 37%). Employees may elect 0% withholding if they had no Arizona tax liability in the prior taxable year and expect to have no state tax liability for the current taxable year."
frontierpsych's Avatar frontierpsych 03:44 AM 10-03-2009
we will have 23% withheld, but that is only on $55,000 of it, the other $10,000 a year is my husband's disabilities payment.