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quietplease's Avatar quietplease 11:17 PM 12-31-2009
Hi everyone! We live in Washington State and are hoping to do a week of camping in Utah this summer in order to see some cool dinosaur excavation sites and museums. Can anybody recommend some campgrounds, museums, etc? We are tent campers. Any advice is appreciated.


InMediasRes 03:11 AM 01-01-2010
I don't know about dinosaur sites, but if you have younger kids, camping in Goblin Valley is sooooooo much fun. We climbed for hours.

There is a dinosaur museum in Lehi that is pretty cool, the museum of ancient life.
Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 01:00 AM 01-02-2010
dinosaur national monument has decent camp grounds, if you want camp ground camping. fun stuff to do in the general area. google flaming gorge dam and ashley national forest. i'm sure lots of stuff around there will come up. my family has a cabin in the area and we love it. dinosaurs are fun, but there are gobs of archeological sites in the area, too. you can float the green if your kids aren't too young.
quietplease's Avatar quietplease 01:16 AM 01-02-2010
Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! Anybody else???
fresh_veggie's Avatar fresh_veggie 08:24 PM 01-08-2010
The dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point is quite good! Great for kids as there are lots of hands on activities. DH and I had fun just by going by ourselves! A beautiful hike good for camping not too far from there is Dog Lake from the Mill...D? North Fork trail. The Mill (D?) South fork trail also goes to a cold waterfall called Donut Falls (the pouring water made a donut hole in a rock with a cave underneath after a long time - it's pretty cool, but you have to climb a little to actually get to the cave, not sure how appropriate that would be. It's not too hard, just cold, and not places really for camping there). These are all in the Salk Lake/Utah Valley area.
K-Mom3's Avatar K-Mom3 08:19 PM 01-15-2010
Dinosaur and Prehistoric adventures

I think this website may have the info you're looking for.

I got a good guidebook from the library to take with me while I was traveling...it was really handy to be able to look up any hikes or nearby restaurants while we were in the car.

When we went camping in Moab it seems like there were some hikes in my guidebook that said they showed prehistoric fossils...but I can't find what hikes they are now..sorry!

Have fun!