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xmysticprincessx's Avatar xmysticprincessx 02:48 PM 04-16-2010
My cousin is opening a restaurant in Phoenix, and I suggested that he should add vegetarian/vegan versions onto the menu. Its going to be NY-style food, like pizzas, panninis, soulvaki, subs, etc. I suggested stuff like Daiya cheese for pizzas and sandwiches, Tofurkey, etc. Gluten-free is big (or at least around here in upstate NY), so I suggested getting GF breads and pizza crusts. Are there are lot of veg*ns and GF families in the Phoenix area to make this worth his while having it on the menu? Or would that kind of stuff go bad before being ordered because there wouldn't be a big demand?

Also, any GF rolls, pizza crusts, etc that you'd recommend he should use? (We're vegan but not GF, so I don't know much about the various GF products.) I'd say preferably frozen, so there would be less waste if they go stale before being used.


zebra15's Avatar zebra15 10:41 PM 04-23-2010
From what I can tell most GF families dont eat out or they accomodate when they are out. I know there is a restaurant at Desert Ridge that has GF on the menu, its a steak house and I cant remember the name of it right now.

Depending on where she is located GV/V could be her niche. Starting a restaurant is going to be difficult in this market. Phx isn't exactly hopping right now.