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Demeter_shima's Avatar Demeter_shima 12:28 AM 06-14-2010
Hello all!

My 2 1/2 year old son and I are visiting my sister in Tuscon next week, and I was hoping some of you might have suggestions for things that we can do in the area? We are a very"Mothering" family lol...and I'd love to know of the good family friendly places in the area.

Thanks for any ideas!


SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 02:11 AM 06-14-2010
Your big challenge will be the weather. If it's too hot, you'll need to stay inside or maybe go swimming. Google tucson public pools for a schedule and locations. Edith Ball is shade covered but nearly impossible to get into, quincie douglas has beach entry. Archer and Ft. Lowell pools have wading pools.

Depending on the temperature, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (essentially a desert zoo) is pretty spectacular. Make sure you do the life on the rocks exhibit as little ones love climbing through the little rock cleft.

The children's museum is downtown and it's nice for that age. Some of the gymnastics schools have open gyms for preschoolers. The parks and recreation department might still offer drop in sessions for little movers and shakers.
Knitting Mama 03:12 AM 06-14-2010
The Museum of Miniatures is supposed to be a really cool place-- haven't gone yet since my lovey is just 2.5 months old!
sarahsmothering's Avatar sarahsmothering 01:13 PM 06-15-2010
You are from NY it says, no? I was originally from CT and moved here in 2004. If I were me in your shoes, I tell me, "Desert Museum!" Yes, it is getting hot out, but here's the thing: You guys are (presumably) on east coast time. Which means, you'll probably be waking up earlier here. The Desert Museum opens at 7am in the summer (which is WONDERFUL since it does get so hot!) so you can get there at opening time and get in a great few hours before it gets completely unbearable out and be outta there in time for naps

The desert museum is one of the most amazing places. You can see javalinas there! And mexican wolves, an ocelot, mountain lions, humming birds galore, reptiles, frogs, snakes (rattle snakes, too!!), prairie dogs, owls, fish, and then all the stuff that is outdoors while you're walking around which includes: lizards, gila woodpeckers, cactus wrens, all types of species of butterflies (go to the butterfly garden!!!) rock squirrels (which are really friendly and don't scare easily), cardinals, humming birds, etc. etc. etc!!

Can you tell I love the place?

And, as the temperature does climb while you're there, you can transition into the more shaded exhibits and airconditioned indoor exhibits.

If you want a "tour guide" and a friend for a morning, we'd love to show you around if you're in the mood for some company!
Demeter_shima's Avatar Demeter_shima 01:23 PM 06-15-2010
Thanks ladies!

I have been there before, but not with child LOL
I am planning to do the desert museum and all that for sure.
I was hoping to find some local "AP/crunchy" mom hang outs...since my sister is not in the "mommy world" and only knows the night life out there.

Thanks for the ideas and arrows!

Knitting Mama 02:32 PM 06-16-2010
We MDC mamas tend to meet at the park in the morning...maybe we can do a park get together next week when you're in town?
MayLibertySprout's Avatar MayLibertySprout 12:14 PM 06-17-2010
A few of us might meet up at Brandi Fenton park this tuesday am.
Demeter_shima's Avatar Demeter_shima 09:45 PM 06-18-2010
Originally Posted by MayLibertySprout View Post
A few of us might meet up at Brandi Fenton park this tuesday am.
I am in Tucson now! we arrived yesterday. My sister lives 2 blocks from Reid Park/ Zoo. Anyone near by?