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I contacted TMC a couple of months ago to inquire about their newborn procedures.  I was told they take the baby for 4 hours while they transition you to the mother baby unit!  I am NOT happy about this - this was not the procedure at the hospital where I delivered my DD and I do not like the idea of my new baby being gone for that long.  A friend of mine just delivered at TMC in February and she said they took her baby at 5:30am and said he'd be back before the shift change but they didn't bring him back until 9:30!  Her husband went out and demanded that he be allowed to go get their son from the nursery but they wouldn't let him.  


Here's the email I received:

"The baby stays with you for about two hours after delivery. We have you put baby to breast for the first “feeding” and encourage you to keep baby close in your arms. You then take the baby to the nursery for the transitional period, and we tuck you into your room. The baby generally stays in the nursery four hours and then is brought to your room where you and your husband will room-in. You can ask the nurse to do any lab work or procedures for the baby in your room if the lighting is adequate. Typically, the pediatrician will ask that the baby be taken to the nursery for his/her assessment. The baby will have a hearing screen that takes about 20 minutes and is done in a small quiet room. That doesn’t take too long and you are welcome to go also." 


Has anyone had any experience with this?  The "if the lighting is adequate" statement annoys me for many reasons but it seems like an excuse not to do the exam in my room.  Was anyone able to talk the pediatrician into doing the exam in their room?  


Help please!

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That sounds SO archaic and ridiculous.  If the light in your room isn't adequate for a newborn procedures, how is it adequate for your nurse to assess YOUR condition?  Isn't the whole point of all the harsh florescent lights in hospital rooms to ensure that they are adequately lit?  


Isn't TMC the teaching hospital?  Do you think they might be trying to ensure that their students have time to practice newborn exams and procedures?  Because there is definitely NO medical justification for a four hour separation for a healthy mom and baby.  And I would think that what your pediatrician wants should depend on your pediatrician, not the hospital.  My pediatrician wanted to see the baby with me, to ask about my concerns and share her findings.  It was much more efficient for her to see us both together, just like she has in every office visit since then.  


Are you stuck with TMC?  

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I'm not in AZ, but I want to agree that this is archaic and stupid.  It is absolutely ridiculous to attempt to do a newborn screening without a parent present, because parental health and involvement are so vital to newborn well-being.

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Archaic and ridiculous are two great words to describe their policy!  I didn't even realize hospitals still did this since the one I delivered at before did everything in my room - and I delivered at a hospital full of residents!  If they tried to play the "teaching hospital" card I'd laugh at them since I've delivered at one before and they didn't have such a ridiculous policy.  


My OB group only delivers there and since I want a VBAC I'm already driving 80+ miles from home to get it.  I plan to fight them on the policy - my DH is a doctor (though not an OB) so I'm hoping he can talk some sense into the pediatrician or at least go with our daughter when they take her.  And since I live so far from the hospital we'll be using the pediatrician there and I wonder if we'll even meet him/her before I deliver.  


Thanks for your input - I didn't think I was crazy for being upset over this policy and you guys made me feel better! 

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I worked at TMC 20 years ago. Hated it. Every contact I have had with them since has reinforced why I hated it then. Bottom line is it's your baby. Tell them they are not to touch your baby without your permission. They are not to take the baby away from you. Do not be intimidated by them. If they say there isn't enough light, tell them to bring in a light. You'll wait for them to do so. Any procedures they want to do they can do while you hold the baby. Especially if they do a pku/genetic screen. Nurse the baby while they do the heelstick.Nursing is a natural analgesic for babyes. Make sure they use a heel warmer before sticking the  baby. Also, I bought expanded genetic tests for my kids. They test for a lot more diseases than the state does. Definitely worth it (though I see the price has doubled since I bought them.) http://www.perkinelmergenetics.com/OrderScreeningPacket.htm


Again, be firm, but polite. Do not let them intimidate you. This is your baby. Kidnapping is against the law.

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I delivered there in the summer of 2009 and my husband stayed with my son the entire time he was away from me. So no, he wasn't gone for 4 hours away from us. We told them as much when we were admitted. It wasn't an issue for us.

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As with anything you can refuse to allow baby to go to the nursery.

Your provider can help you advocate for "transitioning baby" in L&D.  This will require more on the staff's part and they don't love to do it, but you can absolutely make it clear that baby will not be going to the nursery as routine.  If baby needs to go to the nursery for medical reasons you can send your partner with them.


I've had clients who have successfully had baby with them at all times and never taken to the nursery. 





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