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oaksie68's Avatar oaksie68 11:32 AM 04-07-2011

My DH has a herniated disc in his neck, and even with pain meds, he is in excruciating pain.


Does anyone have a recommendation for an accupuncturist in the N PHX area?



MommyKelly's Avatar MommyKelly 06:10 PM 04-08-2011

We go here  http://WWW.PIHMA.EDU/pihma_clinic.html


Not exactly North Valley, but not too far and worth the drive for sure!

oaksie68's Avatar oaksie68 10:45 PM 04-08-2011

Thank you for the recommendation!  That place looks to talk him into giving it a shot....

Emmery'sMom's Avatar Emmery'sMom 02:05 AM 04-12-2011

In the past I've gone to DC Canyon Chiropractic, it's in Surprise. I've gone there for acupuncture and for chiropractic adjustments (Dr. Michelle Coates- awesome lady).


lovbeingamommy's Avatar lovbeingamommy 03:03 PM 04-15-2011

Another option if you're still looking...


Naturopathic Family Care 32nd St and T-Bird


Yes, they're ND's but they also do acupuncture and they're great!!  I've been going there for over 10 years. hth