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growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 05:13 PM 09-25-2011

Hi all, I'm  looking for breast milk for my 3-month-old daughter.  I have IGT / HPTB and suffer from severe & chronic low milk supply.  I've been doing everything to increase supply... I was on domperidone and getting 4oz a day, but had to stop taking it because we couldn't afford the prescription and now I'm getting only 1oz a day.  We've had her on exclusively breast milk through some generous donations, but our stash is about to run out.  If anybody has extra please let me know.  I would be so grateful.  I can replace milk storage bags with either Lansinoh or Medela.  Unfortunately can't afford to travel outside of Tucson as we are both unemployed so $ is very, very tight.  Thank you!!!!

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 10:51 PM 09-25-2011

Have you looked at www.milkshare.com? I donated through there many years ago to a local mama. Then when we adopted I found 4 donors. 1 was in Phx (and was only a single donation,) 2 were in town, and 1 was from out of town, but she traveled here frequently and would bring the milk to me.

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 03:15 PM 09-27-2011

Thanks so much, P. I just headed over there... I see they ask for $20 in order to join the list though which is not doable for us at this time. Just emailed to see if they'd let me pay it later. Fingers crossed!

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 09:28 PM 09-27-2011

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Thanks so much, P. I just headed over there... I see they ask for $20 in order to join the list though which is not doable for us at this time. Just emailed to see if they'd let me pay it later. Fingers crossed!

That's new. It wasn't like that before. You could also try www.asklenore.info. It's kind of a long shot, but you never know.


Also try here http://www.eatsonfeets.org/

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 09:30 PM 09-27-2011

BTW, do we know each other in real life?

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 12:24 AM 09-28-2011

thanks!!!  i met you and sarah once at bentley's.  i'm deborah (i changed my username which used to be desertdessert).

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 06:56 PM 09-28-2011

Hi. Congratulations on your baby.

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 08:25 PM 09-28-2011

thank you!  she is wonderful.  hope you are well!


btw we got some donor milk today - so we are set for a week or two, but i'm still looking for potential donors for down the road.  thanks everyone!


Originally Posted by SundayCrepes View Post

Hi. Congratulations on your baby.


LexiDrewMama's Avatar LexiDrewMama 06:31 PM 11-28-2011

I know this thread is a couple months old....have you found yourself a donor? If not I may be able to donate...

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 11:13 PM 11-28-2011

hi there!  we've had quite a few donations, but our stash is running out and we are always open to more donors.  i would be very grateful!  i was able to get some more dom, and am now getting about 6oz a day total which is better than nothing, eh?  but my baby takes about 40oz a day, so we're going through donor milk really fast. thanks so much for considering helping out!

LexiDrewMama's Avatar LexiDrewMama 11:08 PM 12-14-2011

I have oversupply for my 7 week old DD, but the pump I was going to be getting seems to have fallen through : (

scbegonias's Avatar scbegonias 09:15 PM 12-21-2011

LexiDrewMama and Growgrowgrow, if you're in need of a pump, I could loan mine out (semi long term). I just stopped pumping, and have a Medala PIS and a bunch of milk bags.

natalie03434's Avatar natalie03434 10:55 PM 03-25-2012

By any chance do you still have any milk you are able to donate? We will pay for the supply bags and can come pick it up or meet you and pay for gas money.



My husband and I have had taken in an infant placed by CPS. I am a nurse in the neonatal ICU in Tucson, AZ where the baby boy was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound 6 ounces. What a miracle story he has and continues to have each day.
Due to drugs and other social issues he was placed in our care while mom tries to get her life together. The baby boy is now (almost) 5 months old, weighing 8 and a half pounds, and doing better than expected. Of course he has many different diagnoses but all the doctors feel he will out grow and recover from each of them. He was re-hospitalized in February with cardiac arrest due to a virus he caught so his immune system was again wiped out from all the antibiotics they were trialing along with his immature immune and nervous system he has from being born so early. He is such a fighter and we have no doubt that he will grow up to be a strong, with his relentless attitude and God's hands; however he is not able to tolerate any formula which makes his ability to thrive difficult. We have tried every formula on the market we know of (neosure, neocate, enfamil, nutramigen, etc) and he is not able to handle it. The doctors are not sure if it is a sensitivity or an allergy but for whatever reason he is only able to tolerate breast milk- he is a completely different baby with breast milk. (No rash, swelling, crying, stool issues, etc). We were blessed to have a nurse donate three weeks worth however he is almost completely out so we are searching everywhere to see if it is possible to get breast milk donated for him. If you do have any left and are willing to donate it feel free to get back to me anytime, if not thank you for offering it to others before!

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 11:10 PM 03-25-2012

Hi, just wanted to update that we are now at 9 months.  I've kept my baby breastfed, almost exclusively through donor milk, since 8 weeks.  I am hoping to get to 1 year postpartum.  I'd planned to breastfeed until 2 or 3 years old, but I really would just be happy to make it to one year without having to give her another ounce of formula.  I have had donations from 21 fantastic women.  I am looking for more immediately because we are down to 1 or 2 days (stretching it) of breastmilk in our stash.  If anyone has some they could spare, I would so appreciate it.  Also, if you know of any breastfeeding mamas, maybe you could let them know if they ever have a surplus, that there are people looking for donations?  I know there have got to be many moms in this city with freezers full of extra milk! 


Here's a link to my story.  I have IGT, so my breasts are structurally not capable of producing more than 1oz of milk a day without taking domperidone (which I did take, but had to stop taking it for medical reasons).


Thank you for your time and for considering being a milk donor!

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 12:21 PM 04-21-2012

Bumping - still looking for local donors!  I can also travel to Bisbee and Sierra Vista!

Lchotchkiss's Avatar Lchotchkiss 12:41 PM 07-20-2012
I am in Tucson and have some milk i could donate. My email is [email protected] my name is lauren. I exclusively pump and bottle feed my son, i have a minimum of 200you frozen oz i could donate now but possibly more. My son was a late term premie and is now 5i weeks old and has already gained 2 and a half lbs! Contact me if interested!
DoulaAngie's Avatar DoulaAngie 05:16 PM 08-09-2012

If the OP still has a need for Donor Milk please PM me.  I have a mamma with an excess looking to donate!!

minniemoe79's Avatar minniemoe79 07:09 PM 08-27-2012

Are you still in need of breastmilk? I'm a nurse who just had a baby and have been pumping to build up stock before I return to work but now have so much milk I can't store anymore. I have at least 100 ounces I need to donate now to make room in my freezer. In 3 weeks since I started pumping I have banked almost 400 ounces of breastmilk. I occasionally take colace, senna, and zyrtec. I take a prenatal vitamin everyday. I do not smoke or drink alcohol, and rarely have a glass of caffeine.

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 10:04 PM 08-27-2012

Hello!  We're definitely still looking for donor milk.  My baby is thriving.  We tried switching to cow's milk, but she is not ready for it yet -- projectile vomiting ensued.  Yuck!  She does love her milks, and we are grateful for any amount anyone would like to share.  She is now 14 months.  I'd planned to nurse until at least age 2, so I'm hoping to give her breastmilk until then or as far as we can get!  Thanks very much to all you marvelous donors.

growgrowgrow's Avatar growgrowgrow 10:05 PM 08-27-2012

Oh - and we do travel to Sierra Vista about once a month, to meet with our 'main' donor / friend.  So, we can pick up from SV or surrounding area as well.

donnfawn's Avatar donnfawn 09:21 AM 01-02-2014

Do you still know anyone who may have some breastmilk available to donate?  I have been receiving donated breastmilk through Eats On Feets for my son Spencer but am having trouble keeping the supply up.  Spencer has a rare muscle disease that doesn't allow him to have a strong suck (so my milk dried up - I tried pumping for the first 3 months while he was in the NICU, and for an additional month after he came home, but was never able to get more than 1.5 ounces total each time).  He's 6 months old now, and I'm trying to get him at least to 1 year without having to use formula.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. ~ Fawn

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 01:01 PM 01-02-2014

Try http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com/ 


That's where I donated then received when we adopted. They do charge a one-time fee of $20 for recipients.

donnfawn's Avatar donnfawn 01:27 PM 01-02-2014

I'm worried if I pay the $20 that it might be for nothing if I'm not able to find donors.  What was your experience?  Are there quite a few donors and recipients?  Thanks for the suggestion though.

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 02:15 PM 01-02-2014

I personally made most of my daughter's milk so I only needed a small amount (2-6 ounces a day) to keep her exclusively on breastmilk. I found 3 semi-local donors that gave me all I needed. 


The baby I donated to was exclusively fed donated milk. His mom found tons of donors at milkshare. Many of them shipped the milk. Back then it was actually cheaper for her husband to fly to pick up the milk and just put it on the plane as his checked luggage. I don't know that that would work any more, but she got enough milk for 2 adopted babies so they never had formula their first year of life.


Also, call the hospitals and ask for the lactation consultants, especially UMC. They often have milk that a mom has donated.


Good luck

donnfawn's Avatar donnfawn 02:36 PM 01-02-2014

Thanks for the advice and info.  I'll check it out!  Happy New Year! ~ Fawn

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 04:56 PM 01-02-2014

Wish I could offer you some milk, but my little nursling is 5 1/2. I stopped the domperidone when she was 2.5 and stopped lactating some time after that. She's continued to comfort nurse all this time. Fortunately she is almost weaned. I am more than ready for that, but still miss nursing a younger child.

donnfawn's Avatar donnfawn 05:12 PM 01-02-2014

Thank you, I placed an ad on Milkshare.com, so I'm hoping to get a response from that.  The last ad offering milk here in AZ was back in August, so I'll be praying for an angel!