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Apryl Srissa's Avatar Apryl Srissa 09:22 PM 01-15-2013
We are looking at moving into the area in about a year. Wondering what the area is like for natural parenting and homeschooling, is anyone close to there?

amcal's Avatar amcal 02:22 PM 01-18-2013

The Arizona "Finding your Tribe" board is pretty dead but, I can tell you that Flagstaff is an awesome place for families with a more natural lifestyle.  It's a very family friendly town, lots of natural food stores and restaurants, lots of outdoor activities - amazing weather!   I can't tell you about homeschooling since I didn't live there when I had kids (just went there for school) but from what I've heard, there is a large homeschooling community up there.  


Flagstaff is a wonderful place to live and raise a family!  I'm super jealous that you're moving there!

granolamommie's Avatar granolamommie 05:23 PM 02-10-2013

I live in Flagstaff! We homeschool and have some friends who do as well.  There is a great Meetup group for natural parenting support as well.