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Scott Brown 01-20-2013 11:39 PM

Recently found great prices on non-GMO, USDA certified organic chicken feed at a significant discount in Phoenix, AZ metro area of Arizona.  I am posting this here because I have seen a few inquiries from mom's wanting to omit eggs from chicken fed RoundUp ready Soy and Corn out of their little one's diets.  Here is how the saving break down as of January 21, 2013:


Local Tempe Feed Store offers:
-  40lbs of organic feed for $32.00 
-  $0.80 per lb

Organic Chicken Feed Buyers' Group offers:
-  50lbs of organic feed for $24.75
-  $0.50 per lb

1.  The group only offers mash feeds instead of the more popular pellets or crumble.    
2.  As a buyer you have to pick up the feed within 24 hours of delivery.  

3.  There is no one to help load 50lb bags when picking up because it is not a business with a storefront.    
4.  The group only orders once every two months, so it can be a little inconvenient if you run out of feed

I save over $100 per month on chicken feed.  It makes the price of my high-quality eggs justifiable.  I believe the feed quality is superior because when I switched over from non-organic feed, my hens' egg production increased by nearly 40% two weeks later.  I am told that only happens when you move from conventional feed to organic.    

This group is just  a club and anyone can join.  Here is the price list and contact info from their website as of January 21, 2013:



16% Layer, no soy, corn or canola - 50lb Bag, $24.75
17% Layer Starter/Grower, no soy, corn or canola -50lb Bag, $25.10
15% Layer Vegetariian, no soy or corn - 50lb bag, $23.80
14% Organic Scratch - 50lb bag - $23.70

22% Organic Broiler Chick Starter - 50lb bag - $28.75
20% Organic Broiler Chick Grower - 50lb bag - $27.10
17% Organic Broiler Chick Finisher - 50lb bag - $24.80

26% Organic Turkey Starter - 50lb bag - $31.00
23% Organic Turkey Grower - 50lb bag - $28.50
17% Organic Turkey Finisher - 50lb bag - $24.80

14% Organic Goat Feed - 50lb bag - 23.50

Organic Hog Early Grower 18% - 50lb bag - $25.35
OrganicHog Late Grower 16% - 50lb Bag - $23.95
Organic Hog Finisher 14% - 50lb Bag - $23.35

Organic Finisher 14% - 50lb bag - $23.00

Organic Alfalfa Pellets - 50lb bag - $19.20
Organic Cracked Feed Peas - 50lb bag - $24.25
Organic Flax Seed - 50lb Bag - $40.00
Organic Wheat, Feed 13% Protein - 50lb Bag - $23.75


If you want to contact that guy running it, his info is on this facebook link:


VIDEO (organizer talking):

Scott Brown 02-15-2013 03:59 AM

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