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SaraR's Avatar SaraR 02:33 PM 01-27-2013

Hello! My family and I may be moving to Murray (or around there) this summer. We are wondering what you can tell us about the neighborhoods/schools/community.


We lived in Utah Valley for many years...but have not lived in Utah since 2008. We visited in December and so much had changed!


I know this might sound a little weird...but we are looking to live in a neighborhood with other "crunchy" families (still not sold on that term!). We have found that each time we move it takes a bit to find that community and get relatively settled.


We will only live there for a year this time for my husband's residency program, so it would be nice to find a place to be comfortable in while there.


If it makes a difference (school-wise, etc)...we will have a 6.5 year old, 3 year old, and 18m old.


Oh! Also, any suggestions for OBs/midwives...we would like to have another child and that could easily happen while living there. Horrid experience giving birth to our first in Provo.


Thanks for your help and opinions!

maryc63's Avatar maryc63 01:25 PM 02-24-2013

The further east in Murray the better... What part of Murray are you looking at? There is a wonderful "crunchy"  mommas group, very supportive and non-judgemental. My favorite midwives are Marci Roundy of Brickyard Birth and Rebecca Williams of Great Expectations. Both of them practice in/close to Murray. They are both OOH providers.

SaraR's Avatar SaraR 12:45 PM 03-01-2013
Thank you! 3 more weeks and we will know for certain where we are moving. Yikes! Then the real work begins...
SierraBella's Avatar SierraBella 10:00 PM 05-19-2013

I used to be a LLL leader at the Murray group, and there are some great mamas there. I had my 2nd baby with Rebecca Williams' birth center, and she is amazing, and the birth center was so great!