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guestmama9972's Avatar guestmama9972 11:11 PM 07-21-2008
The title says it all. We like our church but it is not understanding of attachment parenting at all. I spoke with our preschool minister today about some concerns and she, as usual, dropped hints that I was spoiling my kids, being manipulated, over-reacting, etc. All because I asked to be called when my baby is crying and needs to nurse. I haven't left dd in the nursery yet because I know the general atmosphere in there supports CIO. Yes, even for a 5 mo nursling who is very attached to mom.

We are not for sure looking for a church since I always have the option of keeping the baby with me, but am curious as to where else might be more supportive. We live in West-Central Phx.


TheMissus's Avatar TheMissus 09:41 PM 07-24-2008
I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this! That's just crazy. We just moved out to the far east valley,and lots of the churches out here have a number system to alert parents if they're needed.
In this day and age, practically everyone has a website, so we did a whole bunch of research on the churches out there, and they all stated somewhere (I think) that they used this form of alerting parents. So you might want to just look around online first.
Good Luck!
guestmama9972's Avatar guestmama9972 01:21 AM 07-26-2008
Thanks! Our church does not use a number system although you can borrow a pager and they allegedly will page you if you are needed. I have 3 girls and I put the older two in the nursery when they were little. I would go to pick them up after church and it was not unusual for me to find them screaming and hungry. So I just quit putting them in the nursery and decided that my youngest just isn't going in, period.

I have been discussing my concerns with the preschool director and have gotten dismissed with insinuations that I am being too involved, my baby is manipulating me, babies cry for no reason, etc. Apparently I am the only mom who requests to me called when my breastfed baby is crying. Um, ok.

So I am looking around for somewhere that will take me seriously and CALL ME when my kid is hungry rather than having the babies wait until church is out. It is too bad, because in many other respects we have a great church.
honeybeemac's Avatar honeybeemac 05:06 PM 08-25-2008
Reunion. Its located just off I-17 and Greenway. They are very small but AP friendly because my mom runs the nursery.