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*daciaperfect*'s Avatar *daciaperfect* 12:05 AM 08-16-2008
I will be visiting SLC in about a month. I am interested in getting a piercing while there, if possible. Can anyone direct me to the names and addys of some GOOD and CLEAN piercing shops in SLC please.

Thank you!

meesa143's Avatar meesa143 01:44 PM 08-18-2008
punkrockmommy's Avatar punkrockmommy 01:52 AM 08-24-2008
Dustin Robberts is at Iris on 1100 east a bit past 2100 south. He is amazing and i really like his shop a lot. He is really professional and very experienced. Also a lot of my friends go to Koi which is on 1300 S. and 900 east. they are also very good. Blue is okay but they are not the most professional and i have had bad experience with them.
sexysisam's Avatar sexysisam 02:01 AM 08-24-2008
My sisters also really like Koi.
*daciaperfect*'s Avatar *daciaperfect* 04:28 PM 08-24-2008
Thanks so much everyone!
Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 06:04 PM 08-27-2008
charityj's Avatar charityj 01:16 PM 09-06-2008
I also recommend Koi (corner of 900 E and 1300 S). Got my nostril done there about 6 weeks ago and then my mom had her nostril done about 3 weeks ago. I highly recommend Patrick. He's been piercing since the mid-90's, is a dad himself, and just really seems knowledgeable and professional. I had a problem with my piercing three days after, and he was very gentle in fixing it. He's there Wednesday through Saturday, I think. Might want to call ahead to make sure, though.
lildevilgrrrl's Avatar lildevilgrrrl 04:13 AM 09-08-2008
Hi an amazing piercer just moved out there and is currently working at Blue Boutique. Sugar house location? I guess there is two. I guess not the most ideal shop, but it's only temporary until a new shop that is opening up gets rolling. The shop that is opening soon is called Idle Hand. Will be an amazing place. Anyways piercers name is Jacob and he's a great guy and great piercer. I highly recommend him!

I may be moving out your way soon...which is why I was poking around this tribal area.