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Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 04:57 PM 09-22-2008
Anyone going?

I always have to work when this kind of stuff comes around.

TopHat's Avatar TopHat 12:19 PM 09-23-2008
I didn't know about it. I'll have to see what I'm doing on Thursday. And I'll pass the word along!
livnanismama's Avatar livnanismama 06:01 PM 09-23-2008
Definitely going! Sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear what the "experts" say.
Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 06:57 PM 09-23-2008
Please do report back!
Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 10:25 PM 09-23-2008
I have a class on Thurs nights, so I can't go. I would if I could, though!