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alicia9178's Avatar alicia9178 11:26 AM 04-28-2010
I am Alicia...I currently live in OH with my husband and our 5 kiddos. We are a semi-crunchy family and I am interviewing for a job at the hospital in Turlock, CA. I interview on Friday over the phone and I would like to know any/all information about the area before the interview.

A few things I am interested in knowing....what are the schools like? Is there any homeschooling community in the area? What is the birthing vibe in the area? Anyone know anything about the hospital...I am a ER RN? How is the cost of living? Is the area safe? What about homes for rent...are there plenty?

Any information is greatly appretiated!!! Please either reply here...PM me, or even e-mail me privatly at [email protected].

gilnikche's Avatar gilnikche 12:32 AM 04-29-2010
I used to live in the Modesto area! There used to be a great LLL group that I went to. You may want to contact a local leader to ask more about the area now.
K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 11:42 AM 05-06-2010
I'm an ER RN in Modesto!!!

Turlock is a really nice little town. The hosp you interviewed for has a really small ER and is not a trauma center. If that's the pace you are used to and are wanting to continue with I think you may be a little disappointed.

There are LOTS of hs groups here.

If you want more specifics please feel free to post here or PM me.