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sirkka wirkki's Avatar sirkka wirkki 06:40 PM 05-06-2010
Hello, I'm currently a single mother expecting her second child and moving to Alameda, California. I would love to meet some mothers with children close in age to my own ( a 2 year old and infant (when she comes)). I guess I'm really looking for some friends who have similar likes and interests as well as someone to relate to on the parenting front. I'll be moving there June 15th and only have one friend out there who doesn't have any children. I love being a mommy and I look forward to getting to know new people.

ancoda's Avatar ancoda 01:14 PM 05-07-2010
You might get a better response if you put this in the California/Nevada area. You can find it here
Good luck on your move. I hope you are able to find a great support system.
ps4624's Avatar ps4624 11:18 PM 05-08-2010
I don't live in CA anymore, so I can't help with play dates, but I can tell you the BEST Mexican food in the world can be found in Alameda at the Acapulco. I'm salivating just typing this out. If you go, have a La Pinata special for me!


Oooooh, so, so good!
almadianna's Avatar almadianna 12:50 PM 05-13-2010
movedt o CA tribe.
Lillitu's Avatar Lillitu 10:39 PM 05-15-2010
Hey there!

I live in Oakland, just over the High Street bridge from Alameda.

I have a 4 month old son. We are attachment parenting folks, pagan, queer, and poly. But I assure you, our weirdness is pretty normal for out here! I have a "playgroup/moms group" in the area that are pagan parents on Mondays. If you are pagan, you could join! There are 5 kids there ranging in age from 6 weeks-5 years.

I am in grad school also. If you think we might click, PM me.
TopHat's Avatar TopHat 12:47 PM 05-16-2010
I just moved to Oakland 2 weeks ago and I'm expecting this summer. I also have a 2 year old. I'm still trying to get myself into a routine and figure out the area, but once I do, I'll be totally up for playgroups!
sirkka wirkki's Avatar sirkka wirkki 11:41 PM 06-09-2010
k, i'll go to the california forum and try that.
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 03:18 AM 06-10-2010
You might want to pop into the Alameda County moms thread. We've been having playdates. I'm in Oakland, too, and I have an 8 mo.