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J-Bean's Avatar J-Bean 01:14 AM 06-26-2010
Hi, I am planning a move to the Whitethorn town area (south Humboldt County, north Mendocino) and was wondering if there are other like-minded families in the area? With my last move I found my first internet-then-real-life-friend via MDC and am so thankful for it. When I search the archives, I'm just not finding much. So, anyone in the area? Anyone into green living? Gentle parenting? Homeschooling? Much thanks to anyone who has a chance to reply.

~savah~'s Avatar ~savah~ 03:13 AM 07-03-2010
Hi I live near there and I have a dd who is a couple of months younger than your younger dd. I think that you will find very many like minded people in the area. There is a homeschooling group and most everyone in the area is into green living. when are you planning on making the move?
J-Bean's Avatar J-Bean 02:46 AM 07-07-2010
We are planning, or maybe I should say hoping, to move in September if all works out. We'd be living at Sinkyone near Whitethorn. I'm so glad to have been reassured by a few people via mothering that's it's an eco-conscious area. I kind of guessed it, but when I started searching online for communities I wasn't finding much. If we move, I would love to meet and get together if you're into that. Thanks for replying too.