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I am new to motherhood and have decided not to vaccinate my baby. I'm not sure what to do after making this decision. I would like to hear from others who have chosen the same and what your experiences have been as far as schooling and daycare, also finding a pediatrician who will support. I am in California by the way. 

Thank you!

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We do not do vaccinations for our kids either.  DD1 is 3, so school has not been an issue, and we plan on homeschooling, so again, not an issue.  As far as doctors, interviewing has been our best way  of finding people.  I would make sure to ask what the policy is for fevers.  I say this because we had  a ped. who was ok with us not vaccinating,  but then when DD1 had a fever, suddenly wanted to do a spinal tap.  


In California, your right to refuse vaccinations are protected, so anything associated with the state, you can opt out.  I don't know how it is with daycare (I checked with preschools and every one had an opt out form).


Good luck and I am sure  other moms will have more to share.



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The same exemption form is used for daycare/preschool through 12th grade.


Here it is.


Print it out, double sided, on light blue paper.  Check boxes A and E on front. On the back there are two places to sign--one for vaccines and the other for the TB test, which is an injection, so most non-vaccinating parents decline that as well.


When a vaccine record is asked for, give them that form instead. In California, every daycare/preschool, and school, whether public or private, is required to accept the vaccine exemption. So don't ask permission. Also, I suggest you don't tell anyone of the exemption until your child is accepted, if it is a daycare or private school. Because if the school knew about it ahead of time, they could deny the application, and say it was for some other reason.


And about that article miriam linked to, people can write editorials all they want, but there is currently no threat to California's personal belief exemption.

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Wow, read the comments on Miriam's article. I love them! Thumbs up!


Kairajatan, welcome to MDC! I have 2 kids, but this is my first child who is not vaccinated. It is a little scary to go against the norm, but it helps to be around other parents who also choose not to vaccinate. Even those who delay/selectively vaccinate. Heck, even parents who vaccinate but are supportive of my right to choose are ok in my book. Surround yourself with supportive people, and read about vaccines as much as you can. Many of us who have decided not to vax still continue to read and learn ....the more I read, the firmer is my decision to not vaccinate. This MDC community is wonderful! I hope you find peace with your decision.

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I'm moving this to the CA tribal area for more local responses. smile.gif

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We chose to do only DTAP and I found a pediatrician who is totally cool with us not vaccinating or vaccinating selectively. Preschool ( we go to a private one) was not an issue either, we just wrote a letter saying that we are not vaccinating any further for personal belief reasons.. Where in CA are you? We are in Berkeley?


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I'm in the south bay. Thanks!!

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I'm in north orange county (by LA county line) and my children are both in public school (and totally unvaccinated.) Fourth grade and kindergarten.  Waivers were no problem! (When we lived in Riverside county, they sent me to a school registration nurse to get hassled but I'm not one to hassle. LOL) This school was by far the easiest, didn't even bat an eye at my (printed out at home) waivers.


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I've got a kindergartner in public school in CA. It's super easy! Just had to ask for the blue form to sign the waiver on the back. She didn't question me or say anything at all. Although, it is true, they just ask for a copy of vax record w/o mentioning the waiver form. I'm guessing those having already chosen not to vax are well aware of their rights to do so though. The form doesn't even ask if it's philosophical, medical or religious...just sign your name and you're done. If we ever lose this right I'll pull my kids out of school before loading them up with toxic immune destroying vax though! Private schools and preschools/day cares vary and, obviously, you don't have to worry about it with homeschooling.

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