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poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 09:37 PM 10-10-2011

Hi Mothering Mamas.

I have just moved to Redlands from Michigan. My husband got a job teaching for CSSB and I don't know anyone here! I am a professional poet, SAHM and I teach college online as well. I have a 16 mth old son. I would love to meet any mamas in the area and/or also have any tips on family fun in the area.



samstress's Avatar samstress 12:08 PM 10-14-2011

well, welcome to california!  hope you're enjoying it so far (don't worry, this heat wave's supposed to be ending soon). smile.gif


there's a yahoo group for AP parents in the inland empire you might want to join.  they have various park meet ups (mostly in the corona/norco/riverside areas) and just general AP discussions on the boards. 


there's the barefoot mamas' network located right there in redlands (perhaps you've already found them). 


maybe check out meetup for local happenings.  i know there's a bunch going on in the area. 


i'm in upland, btw, about 30 miles west of you and have a 4-month-old and a 4-year-old. 



mata's Avatar mata 07:33 AM 12-16-2011

Hi, and a late welcome! I'm also a transplant (from NYC) and live in Redlands (for about 10 years.) How is it going so far? Have you found Brookside and Ford parks yet? My girls are older (8 and 11) but if there's anything you need, feel free to message me!