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riverbliss's Avatar riverbliss 05:25 PM 01-10-2012

Anyone in Mill Valley CA? I just moved from Oregon, have a 6 week old son, am a stay at home mom. Hoping to meet other moms in the area !!  


Miamore mama's Avatar Miamore mama 06:21 PM 01-22-2012

Hi! My name is Sarah and I just moved here about 8/9 months ago. I have a 6 1/2 month old daughter, Mia. Looking for some mama's too. We live in Novato. Have you found any groups?



riverbliss's Avatar riverbliss 09:58 AM 01-23-2012

hi sarah!!


i just found and joined the marin alternative mothers group. you can find it by googling that. also there is a southern marin mothers group.  the both have membership fees of 35 and 65 dollars respectively for the year.  they seem quite active, the alternative mothers group seems more focused on natural parenting which i thought was cool.   best of luck!!