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Ak Mom's Avatar Ak Mom 12:15 AM 04-06-2009
Can anyone recommend a naturopath in Anchorage?


BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 01:38 AM 04-06-2009
We love ours but someone just asked the same Q a few (?) weeks ago & got a bunch of replies. May be worth scrolling for awhile so you can check out all the opinions. Good luck
Ak Mom's Avatar Ak Mom 02:19 AM 04-06-2009
Found a thread with homeopathic dr's recommended. Got some info from there. Dan Young sounds great, but since I'll already be coming from Homer making that extra drive sounds tiring. If anyone has any other recs let me know! Thanks!
mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 04:26 AM 04-12-2009
We saw Dr. Adam Grove.
JaneyD's Avatar JaneyD 04:15 PM 04-17-2009
Totally off the topic, but Adam Grove's wife taught my daughter Suzuki violin for years. They are a really nice family.