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KavaKaya's Avatar KavaKaya 04:13 AM 08-05-2009
A childhood friend & her family are visiting in early Nov.
I'm considering flying my family over (from BI) for a night or two.
It's a numbers issue, as the 5 r/t tix will be about 400.00 @ 80.00 each.
She's staying at the Hilton, so I'd like to be within walking distance as we won't be renting a car or anything.
Is there any condo type nightly rentals you know of?

Maluhia's Avatar Maluhia 05:38 AM 08-05-2009
Hilton Hawaiian Village?

Anything in Waikiki will be walking distance - I'm a fan of Queen Kapiolani Hotel that is down closer to the Zoo/Aquarium, good rates.
KavaKaya's Avatar KavaKaya 12:16 AM 08-06-2009
Yeah, Hilton Hawn Village.
Thanks KMM, I'll check it out.
FiveLittleMonkeys's Avatar FiveLittleMonkeys 08:50 PM 08-26-2009
Not sure of your price range, but Hilton Hawaiian Village is running a Kama'aina special for $149/night through the end of the year.