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utahmama's Avatar utahmama 11:35 PM 06-20-2010
We're planning a vacation on Oahu and could really use your input on safe places. We're looking at beach cottage rentals and I want to be sure we pick a safe location for our family. Any suggestions on where to look? North Shore? Is that a known neighborhood that is safe? Any locations you recommend would be great. In fact, if anyone has done this before and knows of a reputable company to go through for the rental that would be great as well. We're just googling right now!

MangoMommy's Avatar MangoMommy 06:23 AM 06-21-2010
All of the North Shore is nice. I LOVE the North Shore area! (Hale'iwa,etc) I guess the only non-touristy area would be Waianae/Makaha (? I think that's the name), and it's a far drive to most touristy things from there. Gorgeous area but a little economically depressed, with homeless camps on the beach,etc. We do like to go to the beach out there, Yokohama Bay.

Kailua is gorgeous and very nice. Ko'olina is also very nice.