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larzanna's Avatar larzanna 05:21 PM 06-30-2010
Hi there:

I came to this forum hoping to get some Alaska info from some mommies that live there. I will be going to Juneau for 2.5 months (August to mid October). My DH got a temporary job assignment there, and really, for us this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So my DS (who will be 15 months in August) and i will be going with him.
I am super excited, as well as nervous (looooooong flight, time change, packing ect)

I was hoping to get some insite as to what to even pack for that time of year in Juneau. (Shorts? Pants? Both? Heavy sweaters or coats? Boots or sandles?) As well as anything that we really should do or see.(coming from a local and not a touristy standpoint)
Also, I am a SAHM so if there are any places to take the little one to during the day that would be great to know about. Or maybe if there are mom meetup groups around? Here at home (Columbus, Ohio) i of course have gotten to know over time about library toddler events, what the best play grounds are, and have memberships to all the museams and the zoo. I am a little nervous about not having those kind of activites to get an active 15 month old out of our hotel room. (ps we are staying at the Juneau Hotel right downtown)

Thanks in advance for any information!!


Pinoikoi's Avatar Pinoikoi 02:18 AM 07-03-2010
Juneau rains a TON.. Always pack for easy clothing changes.. and you will get more response on the ongoing mama chat.. one is up for July..


Do you have your housing figured out? Finding housing in Southeast can be a beast.

I had good luck staying at the hostel, but it was very short term.. I would do some cruises to see some glaciers, there is a ton of outdoor activities, the city is basically built on the mountainside.. Almost all of Juneau is uphill/downhill which can grate on your nerves after a while..

TEAK's mom often posts in the Alaska chat.. I am pretty sure she lives in Juneau.
TEAK's Mom's Avatar TEAK's Mom 03:24 AM 07-04-2010
I do indeed live in Juneau. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
baggybears's Avatar baggybears 03:10 AM 08-01-2010
If you're already in Juneau, hope you are having a great time. I live in Hawaii now, but called Juneau home for 5 years and both my girls were born there. There's lots of active things to do with your kiddo. There's an awesome park at Twin Lakes, and there are story times at the libraries. You'll probably want to bring warmer clothes since it tends to rain a lot and it's quite a bit cooler than down south. There's lots of hiking and a pretty sweet disc golf course out the road. Have fun, enjoy. Southeast is the prettiest place I've been (on a sunny day of course!)