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My brother seems to be a drama-magnet, and it's gotten out of hand.

About a year ago, he started seeing a girl at school, who at the time was 14. She turned 15 shortly after they started seeing each other. After a few months, he broke up with her for various reasons, among them, she had a bad habit of lying, she was *really* just not stable, and she was pushing him to have sex with her.. He's 18 and wanted nothing to do with that, and told her so. So... he broke up with her.
She had a history of abusing weird things like benadryl, which he took from her on several occasions. I guess about a week after she realized that he really did intend to break up with her, she made a suicide attempt and was hospitalized. Her therapist somehow got in touch with him at school, and talked to him there, and appealed to him to not cut the girl off completely. He's a nice guy and didn't want her offing herself, so he agreed to treat her nicely if she came by. He took the city bus to school, and from school and she took to following him on part of his route home. They both went to summer school, and since he was taking the bus he got there really early... so she showed up really early. He wanted to be nice, so he talked to her about her problems, etc, in one of the areas of school that they didn't usually use in summer school, because she always told him she didn't want anybody else listening. She routinely brought blankets with her to the school, and may have slept there once or twice... or at least, when he got there, she was already there and sleeping.

Well, one day, she basically raped him, which, I know it sounds stupid and kind of like a cop-out, but she wore a skirt with no underwear, and when he got there, she was laying on the ground, so he got down on his belly next to her. I guess she started rough-housing, and flipped him onto his back, which of course, he allowed because he didn't think anything of it because she did that a lot... But this time, she undid his belt and his pants-- and he asked her to stop-- and then she started, you know, fondling, and he told her to quit it, and before he knew it, she was sitting on him. He'd never done it before, and from what I gather, it was... pretty quick... and there was no condom involved.
He didn't throw her off, but he's big enough that maybe he could have... So she says it wasn't rape. She just seduced him.

Well, he figured, he guessed it was "seduction" because he didn't think it was possible to call it rape since he, you know, responded to her touch. He was too embarrassed to tell me about it until Friday before last, when he told me she was telling everyone that he got her pregnant and he didn't know what to do.

Well, I called her up to talk to her, and asked her a few questions, the answers to which set off my BS-meter, and I told her that she'd have to take a pregnancy test, and show the results to Josh, but we were also going to go talk to her dad.
She didn't want me to talk to her dad about it because she was convinced he'd kick her out. I've talked to the guy before, and I was pretty darn sure he wouldn't be doing anything of the sort. I told her so, and she told me, "well, just wait a few more days, then..." And when I asked her, "What's a few more days' difference going to make?" she didn't have an answer. SO I told her we'd be coming over to see her dad. A few minutes later, my brother started getting frantic texts from her "friends" who told him he was mean and crappy and he shouldn't tell her dad, because then, if she wasn't pregnant, she'd commit suicide.

We went to her dad, and he relayed what had happened, and we also told him that he had better watch her closely for a few days b/c we had heard she's been threatening suicide. The next day she took a pregnancy test, which was negative, and four hours later, he again got a text from her "friend", saying that the girl was going to try and OD on "some pills". The very first thing he did was cal her dad, to have him go check on her... and she wasn't in the house. She'd left a note saying she was going over to her friend's house. He called all her friends, and none of them knew where she was. He eventually found her at the gym, where she'd assaulted my brother. She'd taken several full bottles of tylenol, advil, aleve, and I guess several other pain-killer-type drug. I'm not sure how many bottles of painkillers the girl took total, but her dad had to call an ambulance, and she's been in the ICU ever since. They are pretty sure she is going to live, but may have irreparable liver damage.

Which is all well and good, I'm glad she's not going to die. He dad seemed reasonable enough, when we talked to him. But her mom has kind of always been a problem. She's usually away, and was about to go on deployment to Iraq for a year, but she's here on island now.
And she filed a restraining order against him. We are 95% certain that we can prove that everything she wrote in the restraining order request was pure and utter BS, and we have several witnesses that can verify that the girl was the pursuer/aggressor.
But I have no idea how to do this, and I need some kind of a referral or something if anyone can give me some pointers?
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Honestly? Unless other people were IN the room it's his word against hers - which will hold SOME weight....but, eh. What a horrid situation for your brother.

I'd not contact her again via phone - everything recorded or in writing, she is going to twist anything.

Lawyer? The best one you can afford - I'm a fan of Leavitt but I'm not sure if he's the right kind. It's a big firm though - so I'm sure they will have someone who can tackle this.

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I worked on TROs when I worked in the local court system.

I'll send you a PM later.

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