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Kinguk's Avatar Kinguk 11:03 PM 12-23-2008

I just moved to Vancouver about 3 days ago from the kootenay's. I'm dying to get outside for a little outdoor activity. I just got back from snowshoeing which really was driving to the trail which wasn't there, driving around somemore, getting lost, and then returning home without ever leaving my car.
I'm getting a little cabin fever and would love to chat and find out where all the adventure is! Perhaps we could even arrange some snowshoeing/hiking/skiing trips!?

Hope you are all enjoying the snow!!!!!! :

tooticky's Avatar tooticky 01:48 AM 12-24-2008
Hi Kinguk.... Welcome to Vancouver!

I'm from the Kootenays, originally. From Slocan Park, near Nelson.

I consider myself "outdoorsy" but have had my style cramped a bit by small and unwilling children! I do hike with them quite a bit in the summer, and we will be spending time up at Cypress this winter urging them to learn to love skiing.

Where in Vancouver do you live? I'm in North Van.

We are all under the weather right now, but when we're a bit healthier it would be fun to meet up.
Kinguk's Avatar Kinguk 01:26 PM 12-24-2008
I just moved from Nelson I also lived in Slocan park a few years back! Small world... I just moved to North Burnaby.

I have an Ergo carrier in which I cart my toddler around in for our morning excursions. It works very well for me but, I only have one child!

I hope you are all feeling better soon. I would love to get together with another Nelsonite!
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 01:22 AM 12-28-2008
I want to be more outdoorsy. But alas, I'm feeling very big and pregnant and Cayden has been ill for the last week and a half.
I'm in South Van, near Central Park in South Burnaby. If you ever want to meet up there or at Everett Crowley Park, I'm in.
Kinguk's Avatar Kinguk 05:41 AM 12-28-2008
Originally Posted by dawncayden View Post
I want to be more outdoorsy. But alas, I'm feeling very big and pregnant and Cayden has been ill for the last week and a half.
I'm in South Van, near Central Park in South Burnaby. If you ever want to meet up there or at Everett Crowley Park, I'm in.
We would love to go to the park! I take her out into our yard every day and more times than not she starts to fuss and we come inside. I think that having another little one outside with her will help! How old is Cayden? I'll have to MapQuest those parks although I'm sure I've been lost and circled by one or both of them at some point! Msg me if you would like!
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 03:46 PM 12-28-2008
He turns 3 on Jan 11.
clothdiapermama1's Avatar clothdiapermama1 03:35 AM 12-30-2008
We were up Grouse Mountain two weeks ago with our 3.5 year old and 1 year old. The one year old had a pretty boring time, he is not walking yet and sat in a stroller most of the day. However our 3 year old and his friend had an awesome time. The gondola ride was thrilling to me and to them. Then they went ice skating and loved it. However, the smallest size ice skates they have to rent is size 10 (and they only have 1 pair). So my friends little boy had to wear 11s on his tiny size 7 or 8 feet. But it worked. Great day outdoors enjoying the snow. Our initial plan was to search out snow, since at the time we planned the day, we had none. Then it snowed and snowed and snowed. So we definately didn't need to search it out, but had a blast.

My name is Catherine by the way, I have two boys and don't exactly live in Vancouver, but close. I am from Surrey. I highly recommend Grouse Mountain.
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 11:17 PM 12-31-2008
Hello, Kinguk! And welcome to Vancouver.

You are very close to the North Shore via the Second Narrows Bridge. Mount Seymour would be closest for skiing and snowshoeing. No gondola so it's much cheaper than Grouse Mountain.

Also, the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve has wonderful trails and an 11 km long private roadway that is perfect for jogging strollers, rollerblading, or cycling. You just go over the bridge, take the Lilloett exit, and go straight up Lillooet road, past Capilano University, all the way to the very top where the parking lot is. We go hiking there fairly regularly and I run up there sometimes, too.
Kinguk's Avatar Kinguk 06:21 AM 01-07-2009
Piglet I'll definitely be checking out those trails. Is parking free!? Now that I'm in Vancouver I need more than a quarter to plug the meter !!
Caterina's Avatar Caterina 03:56 PM 01-08-2009
Hey Kinguk,
I moved here from the Koots 6 years ago (from the East Shore) and I have a baby girl who's only 3 months. It's definitely different in the city, but doable. My friends live in North Burnaby and they take their dogs on a crazy forest path for a couple of hours every day that they walk to from their house (off N. Boundary Rd.) I'll ask them the where and how. Baby's waking and papa's calling....
take care
Caterina's Avatar Caterina 12:40 AM 01-12-2009
So I asked my friend and this is what she said:

we walk suka on the trans canada trail that runs below our house- you can access it from mcgill park (the north end of carlton st.) at the end of willington st. or on n. boundary rd- just head towards the mountains and at the bottom of n. boundary there is trail access. if you walk east on the trail, you roam through the trees and a couple of parks and if you walk west, you walk under the 2nd narrows and can go to the ocean at new brighton park.

Hope it's getting easier to get out now the snow is melting!
tooticky's Avatar tooticky 01:35 PM 01-12-2009
It's fun to hike with the kids at Lynn Canyon (yes - free parking).

We also like to go to Whytecliffe Park (out by Horseshoe Bay) even in the chilly weather and clamber on the rocks or play on the beach (also free parking).

Kinguk - do you have certain days that you usually get out to play on?

Ds has preschool during the middle of the week, so we tend to have our bigger outings on Monday or Friday. Today we are going up to Cypress, but we don't have any plans for Friday and it's supposed to be nicer weather.

If you are up for a get together, let me know!
Kinguk's Avatar Kinguk 01:38 PM 01-15-2009
Caterina I think I went snowshoeing on that trail I just didn't know what it was called. I went in the other direction... I didn't know it went under the bridge -- sounds like a gorgeous hike. I'll try going that way!

tooticky we get out every morning, lately we have just been checking out playgroups hoping to find some like minded moms! No luck so far... I will be starting childcare in my home soon (I am an ECE) so we will be doing our big excursions in evenings or weekends...
ceilydhmama's Avatar ceilydhmama 03:49 PM 01-15-2009
What a nice thread. I'm in Vancouver too and we're pretty outdoorsy. We go up Cypress quite often for snow shoeing and X-country skiing and we just checked out the new Olympic Park up near Whistler.
There are definitely some good options around!:
Welcome to Vancouver!