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Lily Bea's Avatar Lily Bea 12:30 PM 09-03-2009
I understand your frustration with this issue. We had a home birth last year, prior to the midwives being implemented in the public system. We are outside the immediate area of the IWK, but still HRM. I personally was happy to pay out of pocket for the service, which was amazing all around and more than worth it. I find it very frustrating that this option has been taken away... however I am happy that those who are unable to pay may have better access to midwives.

I am currently trying for baby #2 and strongly want another home birth, however I think that even if the homebirth option is sorted out and available in the next few months, my location would place me outside the allowable distance from the IWK. I believe I would still be eligible for midwife care if I could get through the waiting list...

I understand you not wanting to birth at the IWK too. Not sure what it would be like at the hospital in Truro. A birth centre in NS would be great, wouldn't it? I agree with the other advice to stay home as long as you can and for sure get a doula. I didn't have a doula the first time, but I would want one definately if I had to go to the hospital.

I hope things improve soon in this province with regards to access to midwifery services, and home birth in particular. I need to get off my butt and write letters too.

Good luck to you!

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