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AVeryGoodYear's Avatar AVeryGoodYear 10:45 AM 04-02-2009
Anyone out there? We just moved here to Burlington (from Brampton, yuck!) in September, because we figured with a baby on the way it was time to get into a 2 bedroom apartment I absolutely love this city, and with spring coming on, it'd be great to find some other mommy friends to spend some time outdoors with our kids together!

CarrieEK's Avatar CarrieEK 12:42 PM 04-16-2009
I live in Brantford but am in Burlington quite a bit. I grew up there and my parents still live there. I love Burlington and want to move back there but my husband's business is based in Brantford so that probably won't happen.
hibiscus mum's Avatar hibiscus mum 04:22 PM 06-01-2009
I'm relatively new to Hamilton - moved here last July. I'm still getting to know the area.
nicholeraine's Avatar nicholeraine 02:21 AM 06-15-2009
FnkyGreenMama's Avatar FnkyGreenMama 08:39 PM 06-17-2009
I'm in Burlington!! I was thinking of starting a thread like this one but I tend to be a bit more of lurker : than a poster. I'd love to meet up with other moms in this area :
hibiscus mum's Avatar hibiscus mum 07:24 PM 06-25-2009
Originally Posted by nicholeraine View Post
Wow, this is great! I am in Hamilton on the mountain!! I would love to meet some mommies in the area, it gets lonely when none of your friends have kids!!
I'm on the mountain too. And it looks like our babies are exactly one month apart.
prone_to_wander 09:40 PM 09-09-2011

Hey Everyone,


I just moved to Hamilton, but I'm scrambling to find full-time child care for my DS while I attend the Midwifery program. Do you guys have any leads on decent day homes or day cares? I'm not amazed by the two day homes I've seen, especially as they both use TV.


I'd love your help