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tooticky's Avatar tooticky 04:00 AM 07-30-2009
I really love to hear your description of raising your food, Autumn Mama... Thank you for sharing it with us! Your kids are getting SUCH a good experience in this...

dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 04:15 AM 07-30-2009
We are near S Burnaby, just on the Vancouver border near Joyce.
How old is your other dc?

Mine are 3.5 months and 3.5 years, both boys.

I missed that you were broken into Sheila...
sea island mama's Avatar sea island mama 04:34 AM 07-30-2009
Originally Posted by Cheek&Squeak View Post
yikes- 31 degrees in my kitchen .... bed in the basement again tonight
yeah, still 30 degrees here...and no basement! The kids are sleeping outside in a tent for the first time without one of us . They are just outside my bedroom window, so if they don't wake up before we go to bed, I fully expect to have to run out in the middle of the night to help someone unzip the door so they can get out ...then they join us in the king bed under the ceiling fan. I felt a bit of a breeze a little while ago sitting outside - it even got my wind chimes going for a minute - but nothing making its way into the bedroom :. I think they said today would be the hottest...
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 04:52 AM 07-30-2009
Ugh, I hate it when my kids are sick, especially with this heat :
Autumn Mama's Avatar Autumn Mama 04:59 AM 07-30-2009
Thanks, tooticky! If you ever want to come and visit, PM me. I'm only ~ an hour from N Van....

We hit 38 degrees here, humidity raising that to "feels like 43" Gack! I didn't feel as hot today. I ate veggies and protein, no carbs. Could that have made a difference? Oh, and water, lol. By the bucketful!

Around 4:00, when we reached 37 degrees, I put ice cubes in all of the critters' water vessels and we met DH in Tsawwassen for a swim and dinner on the beach. The water felt like a bath tub! Not exactly as refreshing as we were hoping for, but it was wet at least!

The house is finally cooling down, the kids fell asleep with cold wet towels over their chests. Works great to cool them down.

Welcome to all of the new mamas! I was overly eggcited about my newly laying hens and completely left my manners somewhere else. Off to drink my tea and fall asleep.

Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 01:52 PM 07-30-2009
Originally Posted by sea island mama View Post
I think they said today would be the hottest...
They originally said yesterday would be, but I haven't checked a forecast again. It hit 40 on our front porch yesterday. We have no yard, and no basement, so we're mostly just toughing it out. I was a total grump with my kids yesterday, and today isn't off to a much better start. The heat is making dd1 sullen and grouchy, and it's making ds2 just...ugh. Jenna doesn't like it, either - she's really fussy and can't sleep very well during the day. So...add the fact that I'm still a bit under the weather from the surgery and am really bad in the heat at the best of times, and you have a moderately grumpy household.

I hope it drops, at least a few degrees, soon. I'd like to at least be able to sleep. When I first went to bed last night, I was so hot that I felt as if I couldn't breathe.
stemple's Avatar stemple 05:59 PM 07-30-2009
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and my little family. My husband, 2-year-old daughter, and I will be moving to Vancouver on August 1st, from London, Ontario. We are very excited! In London, we were actively involved in our LLL group. I'm a Feldenkrais practitioner, and my husband is a pianist.

I've been perusing this forum for a little while, and I just wanted to say hi!

I also have a question: can any of you recommend an open-minded pediatrician in Vancouver? Or even a family doctor? We'll be on UBC's campus when we move.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Looking forward to getting to know you better!

westcoastmom's Avatar westcoastmom 07:59 PM 07-30-2009
to all the newbies!

We used to live in London, Ontario. I can't recommend a pediatrician. We have a doc in Kits, but he isn't taking new patients.

It feels hotter in our house today. The humidity went up 10%. Hoping the humidity goes down soon.
Cheek&Squeak's Avatar Cheek&Squeak 08:17 PM 07-30-2009
Originally Posted by Autumn Mama View Post
I didn't feel as hot today. I ate veggies and protein, no carbs. Could that have made a difference? Oh, and water, lol. By the bucketful!
Could we maybe getting used to it?! I am not as grouchy today as I have been, and don't feel as uncomfortable - but it is just as hot ( or hotter even) My mom would probably say somthing about blood thinning out and getting used to the heat - i'm sure this is some kind of weird myth though

Dawn- I have 2 boys as well, 15 weeks, and 2.5 years. We live just up from Mandeville gardens.

Sorry , can't be of help on the pediatrician front... we have a family doctor who isn't taking new patients either. I usually just take my kids to the pediatric wal- in clinic in north Burnaby when the need arises.... I wonder if there is another one similar closer to UBC??

I just noticed today that my 15 week old seems to have a bit of a bald patch where his cradle cap is at it's worse- is that normal?? DS 1 never had cradle cap ...I'm assuming that's what this is, but other than putting oil on it i'm not sure what to do.. just hoping hair loss is kind of normal?!
tiffani's Avatar tiffani 08:17 PM 07-30-2009
stemple, welcome! a great family practice is located at 8th and Laurel, and their phone number is 604....ack! I forgot it!!! I think there is a thread somewhere discussing vancouver doctors, and the doc who comes highly recommended from that practice is nardia strydom, though I doubt she's taking new patients, and all other docs there that I've dealt with are great -- desk staff is great, just a great practice, and maybe they're taking newbies???

40 degrees, eh? welcome to the summers of my youth!! I miss it, actually, though I'm not sure what 40 is equal to in farenheit... makes me wonder what kind of heat they're dealing with in chico -- the hottest I remember was 117 F... those days I do NOT miss, when it feels like you're in an oven anytime you're not in a/c or in a cool body of water... parking lots are the worst!! though the heat in vancouver is more humid than chico... 90 F in chico is still not too bad, (perfect for swimming in the creek!) but in vancouver it's icky -- I think that's about where you guys are now... ok, so I just checked, and actually 40 = 104, which is pretty dang hot! it's between 90 and 105 most of the summer in chico, but with some 80-90 thrown in there and a few 105-115 days in there too... not much else to do but swim!!

ok, so you can carry on complaining, that's pretty dang uncomfortable in vancouver...
Cheek&Squeak's Avatar Cheek&Squeak 08:59 PM 07-30-2009
Hi Tiffani- you are in Wellington? My in-laws are in Waikanae!
Cheek&Squeak's Avatar Cheek&Squeak 09:08 PM 07-30-2009
Tiffani- you live in Wellington now ?? My in-laws are in Waikanae
tiffani's Avatar tiffani 12:41 AM 07-31-2009
Wow, small world!!! and I'm pretty sure I even know where Waikanae is!! so does that make your spouse a kiwi? and you?
Cheek&Squeak's Avatar Cheek&Squeak 02:45 AM 07-31-2009
LOL - sorry I posted that twice...1st one vanished so I didn't think I did it right!! Yup my DH is a kiwi.... I'm from Burnaby though. We've been back twice ( DH 3 times) since then.
Alison's Mom's Avatar Alison's Mom 01:52 PM 07-31-2009
OK, since DS is now out of diapers, I have some to sell: Mostly fitted diapers in hemp or cotton (Muttaqins, Nana's Bottoms, Bella's Bottoms, Little Beetle, etc), several Bummis PUL wraps, a fleece cover, a couple of wool covers, etc. Dipes are one-size or mediums, covers are mostly mediums, with a few large, I think. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 10:15 PM 08-02-2009
It's August now right?

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