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Mishta's Avatar Mishta 12:44 PM 07-29-2009
Hi everyone,

I am a newly pregnant mom-to-be in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. I am currently waiting to hear if I will be selected for the midwifery program here but in the meantime am trying to make alternative plans, should that not happen.

My current doctor only follows women up to 24 weeks and then refers them to the local prenatal service, which essentially means a group of docs who deliver and you get whomever happens to be on-call the day you deliver. So, I am trying to locate doctors in the area who follow women up to and through labour and delivery and (importantly) who are more prone to natural births (and respecting women's birth plans). I have heard from a number of different women that Dr. Judy Mader and Dr. Carolyn Drysdale-Burr are both quite good and I am wondering if anyone else in the area has had positive experiences with these doctors or knows of any others I can contact if these two aren't taking patients?

If you do have any information please let me know, I just want to make sure I have a good plan if I don't get accepted into the midwifery service. The waiting is driving me crazy, so I try to fill it with making alternative plans

First time, mom-to-be due March/10!!!

Mishta's Avatar Mishta 12:54 PM 07-29-2009
My apologies, I think this was the wrong forum to post this thread. I've contacted the administrators to figure out how to remove it. I'll re-post in a more appropriate forum. Again, sorry for the mistake!
nsmomtobe's Avatar nsmomtobe 03:49 PM 08-22-2009

I'm new here too, so I'm not sure where the appropriate forum is to post this stuff (please let me know), but I just wanted to share the information I got from my doula.

As a sidenote, I waited about a month before I heard from the midwifery program that I was not eligible because I live outside of their service boundaries (I am in East Hants, not HRM, but I am planning to deliver at the IWK). I hope you have better luck, but maybe this information will be of help to others.

Anyway, my doula recommended Dr. Mader, so I gave her name as my first choice to my doctor--who was not planning to refer me until 30 weeks, but I requested he start the process earlier when I saw him Friday for my 21 week appointment. In addition to her, my doula said that the Dal Medical clinic and the Abbey Lane group practice have all excellent doctors that take pregnant women. However, my doctor pointed out that since these are teaching institutions, they are more likely to come with students so that was something to consider comfort-wise.

In addition, my doula said that her clients recommended the following doctors:
Shauna Archibald - young, but experienced in birth, high energy, likely to attend your birth (not on rotation with other docs), very positive, attentive
Cathy Cervin - very experienced, tends to focus on high risk pregnancies, likes doulas and trusts women's bodies
Christena Cote - no nonsense, very practical, very pro woman
Kathleen Horrey - pro doula, good client reviews

I hope this helps.
LittlePeanut's Avatar LittlePeanut 10:52 PM 08-23-2009
Just a little note - If you mention that you are considering a homebirth, your odds of being selected by the midwives is better

I had a HB with my last child in March days before the midwifery act was proclaimed. While I did have to pay out-of-pocket for the services of the midwives I was thrilled with the birth. Nothing could have been more perfect. I actually had 3 midwives attend my birth (Theresa, Maren and Leslie) but Kelly, my primary, was on vacation at the time so she missed the event.

I hope you get in!

Asparagus78's Avatar Asparagus78 01:54 PM 08-24-2009
I'm due with baby number 2 in November, and new to Halifax, so I didn't really have a chance to "shop" around for a doctor this time. I did however end up with a great doctor. Her name is Lisa Griffin and she's in Bedford (she might have another practice somewhere else; I'm not sure). She attends all her patients' deliveries, which I think is awesome.

Good luck!
Lily Bea's Avatar Lily Bea 12:40 PM 09-03-2009
We had Dr. Sue Atkinson at the IWK perinatal centre, however she was our 'back-up' only, as we had a midwife and a home birth . She seemed to be midwife/natural birth supportive. They work on a rotation I think, so your doctor for the birth would depend on who was on-call. We met with Dr. Lisa Griffin in Woodlawn (Dartmouth), but chose not to work with her as she was not pro-homebirth, however since you are probably having a hospital birth you might not mind. Otherwise, I have heard from other parents that she is good to work with.
Lily Bea's Avatar Lily Bea 12:42 PM 09-03-2009
Question about Little Peanut's post - is it helpful to say you are hoping for a homebirth, even though they are not available right now?
crunchie1's Avatar crunchie1 10:42 AM 09-04-2009
Apparently home birth will be an option for those in the HRM area in the next couple of months, so if your due date is March then definitely mentioning the want of a home birth will help you to get midwife care - if a home birth is what you want!
(I got this info from one of the South Shore midwives)
LittlePeanut's Avatar LittlePeanut 12:16 PM 09-17-2009
My friend is due in December and hoping for a homebirth but the red tape is still in question. Definitely mentioning it would help. They do plan on attending homebirths but need to get through all the red tape first. It just seems to be taking FOREVER. They had hoped it would be doable back in May.

Ettamama's Avatar Ettamama 03:55 PM 09-23-2009
At my last midwifery appointment I was told that the IWK Home birth policy has passed 2 of 6 committees, or something like that. The midwives are hopefully that it will be approved by mid-October to mid November. All of the media activity and letter writing by concerned individuals is paying off. There is great pressure to get this approved, though the IWK is still moving at a snails pace if you ask me.

I'm due in mid november and plan to have my baby at home. This whole thing has caused me a great deal of stress and I've got better things to worry about!

The real problem now is that there are no government plans to expand midwifery care to the rest of Nova Scotia. This is such a shame.
Lilah-Bean's Avatar Lilah-Bean 05:39 PM 09-23-2009

I was planning a homebirth with the midwives, but found out 2 weeks before my due date (in May) that it wasn't going to happen! I am amazed they are still fighting red tape on this issue. I think if you want a home birth you should definitely say it. As a back up, if you live in the North End, Ann Houston is AMAZING! she works through the North End Clinic, so you have to live North of Quinpool and East of Windsor to get in, but she is great and accepting new patients, and VERY supportive of homebirth and natural parenting.

Good Luck!!!!!
AliciaP8's Avatar AliciaP8 02:16 PM 09-30-2009
I'm still waiting to be accepted (or not) by the midwives too. In the meantime my GP is Dr. Sue Atkinson at the camp hill family medicine clinic and I'm very happy. I didn't love the Drs at the Dal clinic so I switched when we were first TTC. You do see residents a lot at Dr Atkinson's but she's known for attending the births of her own patients and for being supportive of natural birth and midwifery.
Lily Bea's Avatar Lily Bea 08:20 PM 11-19-2009
I;m a bit confused... I thought Dr.Atkinson was part of the Dal group?