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inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 10:46 AM 06-30-2005
Would your knitting circle be for beginners as well? I've knit off and on (and off again!) for years but I think I've only actually completed three (maybe four!) projects. And they were *very* basic!

I'd love to be able to work on a few things on a fairly consistent and regular basis!

Alison's Avatar Alison 11:15 AM 06-30-2005
I think we can welcome beginners! We've all been there. Any other takers?

rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 11:35 AM 06-30-2005
I'm definitely up for anything related to knitting! And I'm happy to teach anyone who wants to come as a newbie or beginner!

Just think of all the patterns we'll be able to share with eachother.....WAHOOOO!

Mika is worse than a cat when it comes to wool and knitting needles though, so I'll have to make sure Gabe can watch him....what day/time are we thinking about?

Where'd the knitting smilie go? I can't find it on the list anymore???
rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 11:43 AM 06-30-2005
Okay, I need some input here ladies....

I've been going back and forth about putting that link with the museum photos up on the board. Part of me is creeped out that "anyone" could look at those pics....part of me hates letting creepy people ruin our fun! But I'm thinking about removing the link, and then just having folks e-mail if they want to have me send copies of the pics to them.


mamabike's Avatar mamabike 01:07 PM 06-30-2005
That house sounds wonderful Xian! Fingers crossed here too. Roof smoof....every house needs something done.

Baby Jacqueline Jade is a super easy going happy girl. Toddler Kieran is quite befuddled, but my Mom is here for two weeks to ease the transition. All in all, we're recovering well.

When I have a minute, I'll have to make a signature that includes my new little girl too.
xian's Avatar xian 01:53 PM 06-30-2005
Leigh Anne,

congratulations indeed! we're so pleased for you. i'm sorry i haven't said this before, it's been a very self-absorbing week. all our love to all of you.

i think you're right, robyn. that's something i've been concerned about too. trevor thinks we're mad to even use our own names here! but that would be just too confusing otherwise. yeah, email is a better solution, i think.
Alison's Avatar Alison 03:28 PM 06-30-2005
Robyn, you can set the photo album up so that only people you invite can view them. That might be an option, then we could PM ya for an invite.

Krista Voth's Avatar Krista Voth 03:43 PM 06-30-2005
Congratulations LeighAnne, Neil, and Kieran!

We are very happy to hear the news of baby Jacqueline Jade's birth. Hurray for a successful VBAC! What a beautiful name. Best wishes for a quick recovery, a peaceful babymoon, and good familytimes.

I just have to add that I think the first few weeks after both my babies births were the best of my whole life... there is nothing like their velvety hair, soft skin, and delicious scent.
inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 04:31 PM 07-01-2005
Congratulations!! :

We can't wait to finally meet you and your little one!

(Ok, does anyone else like the jumpers as much as I do?? I guess it's just me...)
rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 05:10 PM 07-01-2005
How exciting Tamara...your grand opening!!!!

: (that was just for you!)

inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 05:37 PM 07-01-2005
Thanks Robyn! Yes, very exciting but I'm also stressed to the max! (Isn't there a smilie pulling it's hair out?? Enter it here!)

I'm leaving Thursday to go back to Toronto for a week, and then I open the day after I return. That isn't leaving me much time to get everything exactly how I want it! Oh well, that's the life of a WAHM for you!

Unfortunatly it also means missing 3!!! playgroups in a row! But I will be home visiting family, so that makes it worth it. And when I get back I'll have an extra kid to come along and play! Mind you she's seven, but she loves little kids. Makes her feel like "the grown-up".

Off to attend to my list of a hundred things to do...
kristyn's Avatar kristyn 01:32 AM 07-02-2005
congratulations, LeighAnne! what a beautiful time for you..
i think all second time mamas will attest that the adjustment period for the older ones can have some tough moments, but also some joyful ones, watching your growing family interact and share the love!
and, on the VBAC, WAY TO GO!!!!

also, i'd be into a knitting group, just name the time and place! i've got many projects on the go, and can always use the practice at knitting and talking at the same time!
rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 11:31 AM 07-02-2005
No smilie pulling its' hair out....how about this one Tamara?


PS> Okay....all you knitters out there....let's make this thing work.....I think Alison said Tuesday mornings would be best for her. How does that sound for folks?
inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 08:16 PM 07-02-2005
No, he's just not the same, Robyn! But nice try!

Tuesday's would work fine for us, but I won't be around for at least the next three

As soon as I'm back and open, I'd love to join in on whatever you guys decide. Just keep us posted!
Alison's Avatar Alison 10:35 AM 07-03-2005
Okay, two things.

1. Tuesday mornings are the best for me right now for knitting, I don't work til 1. Let's talk about it tomorrow at playgroup!

2. Anyone got a recommendation for a good naturopath in Halifax? Leigh, I know you and Doug see one. Anyone else?

inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 11:54 AM 07-03-2005
Alison, I have a recommendation for a women that does classical homoeopathy. She's on Barrington and was recommended by my midwife. I haven't met her yet only because there hasn't been a need. Let me know if you'd like her number!
rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 12:38 PM 07-03-2005
And I know that Jennifer Salib is really good, and works with children (not sure what you're looking for). Don't have her # off hand, but I"m sure she's in the phone book.

We won't be at playgroup tomorrow....we've signed Mika up for a week long music "thing" (can't really call it camp since he's only 14 months old!)that starts tomorrow. But, we'll be there the following week. So....let me know what you decide for knitting. I'm still really flexible (until Fall), so pretty much any day works for us.

Have fun tomorrow everyone!

Alison's Avatar Alison 09:22 PM 07-03-2005
Okay folks, I see two real options for a knitting circle for me. Either before playgroup on Mondays or else on Tuesday mornings--say around 10? We can do it either with or without kids--if it was Monday, I would have Andrew, if it was Tuesday, he would be in daycare. We could do it at peoples' homes, or else come up with some alternate child friendly location. Why don't we plan to start next week, and I offer up my house. Anyone have a preference for one day or another? BTW, we do have cats here, so beware if you're allergic. Who's in? Pick a day!

rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 09:46 PM 07-03-2005
I'm in for Tuesday!

I'm afraid if we do it before playgroup on mondays we may never make it to playgroup :LOL

Alison's Avatar Alison 03:14 PM 07-04-2005
Okay, we're doing the knitting thing at my house on Tuesday morning, around 10 am, anyone who wants to come e-mail me for my address--you can get my e-mail by clicking on my name in this post, for anyone who is new and hasn't figured that out yet. Let me see, next Tuesday is the 12th?


Knitting Circle

Tuesday July 12th 10:00 am
at Alison's house (South End Halifax, e-mail me for address and directions)

rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 05:28 PM 07-04-2005
Yeah to the knitting circle!!!

Has anyone else read the latest issue of Mothering Mag? I just read the article about the "Messy Party"....I'm inspired!!!!!!!!! How much fun would that be? One problem though, I don't have a backyard to volunteer to the cause.

If someone else is feeling adventurous and doesn't mind an invasion of their backyard, I'd be happy to help put it together...anyone know where we can find 10 lbs of flour? :LOL But seriously, I was thinking we could use some of the recipes from the Art Museum too.

Anyway, just a thought. Let me know if you're interested

xian's Avatar xian 11:04 AM 07-06-2005
That would be a good time, Robyn. I've a good sized garden, with a fence, that might serve well. There is a boat parked here, but if we take the ladder down, it should be ok! We could hose them off at the end! :LOL
Alison's Avatar Alison 11:10 AM 07-06-2005
Haven't had a chance to see the mag yet Robyn. More details on the messy afternoon please, since I do have a back yard that I might be willing to volunteer, depending on exactly what sort of mess we're talking about!

rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 12:18 PM 07-06-2005
Alison....it would be similar to the art gallery experience, but on a bigger scale. Less clean-up because they're outside...just hose the kids, and the yard, off at the end. The part I like the most about the idea is the adults sitting around -ing in lawn chairs while the kids go nuts! The safer we make the space the less we have to say "no", or "don't" or "be careful"! I think the kids from the article were older than most of ours are, but we could still make it work, I think. One of the things they did was get 10 (I think) lbs of flour and put it out on a tarp (with assorted scoops and shovels, etc). FUN!!!


PS. oh, and they did it on a weekend so that dads and other working spouses could come too.
Alison's Avatar Alison 03:02 PM 07-06-2005
Anyone PM'ing for my address for knitting circle, I emptied my inbox, so now you will be able to!

Robyn, my backyard would be okay for this too, not actually fenced, but the way it's laid out, it wouldn't really matter, it's pretty private.

We should organise this!

Amythest's Avatar Amythest 10:30 PM 07-06-2005
Hello all, I'm new here and thought I should say hello. My name is Moira, I live in Dartmouth and am mom to Richard who will be 3 in 11 days and Meaghan who is 5 months old.

I just joined the other day and found this Halifax group, great to see!!
xian's Avatar xian 12:09 AM 07-07-2005

Hellooo Moira! Good to have you with us! We hope to see you at the playgroup someday. On sunny days in the summer we meet at the playground opposite the Westin Hotel/Superstore on Barrington St. Still 11-1 on Mondays.

Bedtime for me. The man be home.....!
rbeaufoy's Avatar rbeaufoy 08:32 AM 07-07-2005
Hello Moira! My one and only niece is named "Moira"....good name WELCOME!

Hey everyone...what was that wierd CODEX message last night? Some sort of message board spam? Strange.

Anyway....Alison, Xian...do you guys want to arm wrestle over who's yard we use?!

How do we decide? I haven't seen either yard.....is one of you more central to most of the rest of us?

inchwormz's Avatar inchwormz 09:20 AM 07-07-2005
Welcome Moira!

Your dd is just a few weeks older than mine! We live in Dartmouth as well, right across from MicMac Mall but it's only a short bus ride over to playgroup. I leaving in about 2 hours to visit family in Toronto so we will be missing the next two get togethers. It's a good time just to get out and have some adult talk! Hope you can make it sometime!
Alison's Avatar Alison 10:29 AM 07-07-2005
Originally Posted by rbeaufoy

Anyway....Alison, Xian...do you guys want to arm wrestle over who's yard we use?!

How do we decide? I haven't seen either yard.....is one of you more central to most of the rest of us?

Hmmm. I'm in the South End--beat that Christian! Where do you live? what's that, the Deep North?????

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