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Alison's Avatar Alison 12:21 PM 10-20-2004
Originally Posted by Mrpeabody'smom
The one that was being discussed in the email was from Susie at the Extraordinarybabyshoppe. She hasn't posted them on her site yet but said she will be doing it today.

"One potty for $13, 2 potties for $24. I have them in
white and clear blue (kind of cool looking)."

Considering I paid over $30.00 for mine that is not user friendly, it sounds pretty good. I would like to especially see a picture of the clear one. Much easier to look in and see if baby has actually done anything
I think the idea behind these potties is that they are the one-piece old-fashioned squatting potties that we probably all remember from our own potty training days (if we remember that far back, I certainly remember my brother and sister potty training, not sure if I remember my own, since they trained you early in the UK in those days!). So Xtian, it might still be light enough for Callum to put into the shower with you and carry around with him!


Alison's Avatar Alison 12:29 PM 10-20-2004
Xtian, did you hear from Natalie? If so, then can you give me a call tonight so that I can get my order placed? I don't have a catalogue any more, but I do have my list where I wrote down what I wanted, so we ought to be able to figure it out.

xian's Avatar xian 02:01 PM 10-20-2004

i called and left a message on natalie's phone, but she hasn't called back. can i call her at work?
Alison's Avatar Alison 02:23 PM 10-20-2004
Don't know. I don't know that number. I told her you were ordering Wednesday night, so she probably thinks that means she can call you this evening. I'll call her tonight too, and if I don't get a hold of her, then we'll put in my order and she can always just order direct from you herself later.

xian's Avatar xian 02:49 PM 10-20-2004

spacecdt's Avatar spacecdt 05:16 PM 10-21-2004
Originally Posted by Krista Voth
O also my ob said that I could try a VBAC! I did not think it was an option for me. Any doula recommendations?
Howdy ho! Sorry it's been so long, I've been temping hither and thither. Not terribly happy about leaving Sweetie-Pea but I have to make a living somehow.

I had 2 midwives at Doug's birth, Louise MacDonald and Jen White. Jen also does doula-stuff (she's around Port Williams, I think) and was a fabulous coach.
The Single Parents Centre in Spryfield has the volunteer doula program. They're at 479-3031. Ask for Hilary Marentette (the coordinator). Actually, she won a prestigious women's award last year for her contribution to women's health. Check out the calendar of stuff offered at the Centre. They have a great Monday morning toddlers program and Thursdays are sanity days where the public health nurse does check-ups and weigh-ins and the kids get to play and have some great snacks.

Anyone up for a Sunday ma and tot swim at the wave pool for 11:30? I can pick 1 ma and tot up (around Halifax) as long as they have their own car seat.
We could have a convoy (woo hoo!). :horse2
Alison's Avatar Alison 08:38 PM 10-21-2004
That sounds like fun. I'm not sure if we can make it, but I'm certainly going to try if it's raining on sunday!

Krista Voth's Avatar Krista Voth 09:47 AM 10-25-2004
I cannot make it to playgroup today. I have a Dr. appointment.=( See you all next week. Krista
Alison's Avatar Alison 10:22 AM 10-25-2004
Hi guys. I'm missing playgroup today, it's my Monday to work! But Andrew and I will be there next week. Andrew's tube surgery is on Wednesday, so we'll be home on Thursday, and probably at loose ends, if anyone wants to drop by or go out for a walk or something! Just LMK.

By the way, Andrew and Jeff went swimming yesterday, but I guess nobody else made it? They had a good time though!

MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 11:08 AM 10-25-2004
We won't be there today either. I had a Halloween party here for the little ones (and big ones too :LOL ) and I'm tired out

Reece has been doing very well with his new supplements and I've been very good about his diet. He did have one bite of pita bread yesterday, and a piece of gluten free cake that a friend made (it did have icing so that may have been the problem) and we are back to tummy troubles. I know he would be treating himself to the crackers and things at playgroup so I'm going to keep him home and give his new supplements a chance to do some good.

Hopefully we will see you next week though
spacecdt's Avatar spacecdt 02:03 PM 10-25-2004
Howdy! I wasn't able to tear myself away from my Sweetie-Pea for the weekend so I apologize for being a no-show at the pool. We wanted to go but Doug has this weird rash all over his arms, torso and legs. No raised bumps, no fever, coughing, runny nose, absolutely nothing but this red rash that has started to fade. Hasn't stopped him at all, he's still a bundle of energy. It's the weirdest thing. I went over his food intake for the past few days, nothing out of the ordinary. We only use Phosphate and scent-free detergent (the refillable kind from Great Ocean). No new clothes either. However, he just got over this nasty diaper rash/yeast infection and it's starting to come back. I've rinsed his diapers in vinegar since day 1 and do a double-rinse in hot water. I'm stumped . If it's still on him today, I'll take him to see our GP and/or Naturopath this week.

Any ideas?
Alison's Avatar Alison 02:40 PM 10-25-2004
Don't know if this could be it, but that's rather how Andrew was when he had hand foot and mouth. Each kid at playgroup that had it seemed to have it differently. With Andrew, what we first noticed was what I thought was a yeasty diaper rash, but turned out to be the hand foot and mouth marks. He had them on his bum, arms and legs, and they weren't really raised like they were on Mandhi. It just looked like a heat rash or something, except only on his limbs. None in his mouth like Reece had. Check to see if the rash is on his palms and soles, and if it is that's probably what you've got (our neighbour, who's a doc, says that there are very few rashes that appear on soles and palms, so when they have them there it's almost always hand foot and mouth). Even just one or two bumps on his palms or soles.

If he does have that, it's one of those things that if you get it now, you don't end up getting it later.

spacecdt's Avatar spacecdt 09:41 PM 10-25-2004
Nope, he didn't have anything on his palms and soles but now he has a really really beefy red diaper rash all over his bum and scrotum, poor lil thing. And when I go to air him out, he can't sit down properly, he cries. I'll try to get in to see my GP tomorrow (ha ha ha). This mothering thing without a dad (most of the time) and temping really really SUCKS when it comes to wanting to stay at home with the weeble
Alison's Avatar Alison 06:42 PM 10-27-2004
Hope Doug is feeling better! Did you get him in to see your doctor? Andrew had his ear surgery today, and you would never know he'd been under general anaesthetic. And the whole thing only took about 20 minutes from leaving us to being returned to us--barely long enough for me to go to Timmy's for a donut! Anyway, I still don't know if we did the right thing, but at least it wasn't a horrible painful thing for him! Now we'll just have to see how this winter goes for ear infections.

Anyway, we're home tomorrow if anyone's in town. And we'll be at playgroup on Monday! Andrew keeps talking about Callum, Xtian--well, he says "cammum", but that's who he means!

By the way, Andrew had his first kiss this week! Yes, he's starting young with the ladies! I'm blaming the young lady in question however--yes, it was Mandhi, for those of you who remember her from playgroup! Actually, it was the cutest thing. Andrew arrived at daycare, and was clinging to Jeff, while Mandhi was being held by the daycare staff, and also crying. Jeff told Andrew that he needed to stop crying and cheer Mandhi up, and the two of them looked at each other, leaned towards each other, and kissed! Then they both giggled. My son, the ladykiller!

xian's Avatar xian 01:19 AM 10-31-2004
Woohoo! The books have arrived! :LOL Wah! I broke my foot! (running upstairs to look at the books) I'll bring LA's and KZ's on Monday. They be lovely.

Tsamaya sentle
MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 09:35 AM 10-31-2004
Ke a le boga Xian!

I can't remember what I ordered, but I do remember trains
It will be hard to keep them from Reece!

We'll hopefully see you Kamoso for Tee!

Salang sentle

How did I do? :LOL
MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 09:39 AM 10-31-2004
:LOL And banana means girls????? :LOL :LOL
That is so funny!
xian's Avatar xian 10:38 AM 10-31-2004
you did very well indeed!!! banana is people, basically 'guys' (non-gender specific). where did you learn tswana? girls would be... um... basimane, i think (unless that's boys, i really can't remember), and women bomma.

make sure you bring pearls of wisdom to write on my cast! we'll try extra hard to have only reece friendly foods tomorrow!

MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 11:56 AM 10-31-2004
My curiousity got the better of me :LOL
I went here http://www.sesotho.web.za/greet.htm
and here http://exploringtheplanet.com/botswana_setswana.htm

I can't believe you broke your foot!!!! Now I expect to see a really artistic design painted on your cast tomorrow ..... or I could bring paints and paint brushes and let the little ones decorate it for you

That would be wonderful if the snacks were Reece friendly LOL! He has done SO well this past week!!!! Everyone has made comments. And I see such a huge difference in his diapers :

Hopefully if we can keep this up, his gut will have time to heal and we may eventually be able to re-introduce gluten products again. So I'm really trying hard to keep him GF right now

Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow!
xian's Avatar xian 05:34 PM 10-31-2004
what should we bring for reece? if i can have a list of the best snack-type foods he can have, then i can get them. would the caramel rice chips be ok? is it just gluten and dairy, or is he sugar restricted as well? i'm very glad he's feeling better! and the nappies are less scary.

very resourceful, looking for tswana!
MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 08:09 PM 10-31-2004
You can hold off until next week for getting the gf snacks. Reece came down with a cold on Friday, it was better yesterday, and I was hoping would be gone by tonight/tomorrow. He seems a bit worse today though. Runny nose and watery eyes.

The naturopath we are seeing wants sugar restricted too, although we don't give him too much anyway. I give him things like fruit, rice cakes with a bit of the organic jam (I figure there should be less colourings etc. in those), raisins, hummus and veggies, and the gf muffins and things we make. I always try to have those on hand with us, but we he sees the crackers at playgroup he ditches his normal snacks and goes for those. I wish I could find a gf cracker. I'll do a hunt on the internet recipe sites on day soon.

So, in all likelyhood, we won't be there tomorrow. I will get my books from you next week.

And we really wanted to go tomorrow too!!!
Krista Voth's Avatar Krista Voth 10:51 PM 11-01-2004
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone is interested in having a kniting circle in the next few weeks! If anyone is interested let me know when it would suit you best; day (with kids) or evenings (without kids), weekday or weekend. We could also get a babysitter to watch the kids in another room while we knit. If it doesn't work out I was wondering if anyone have a pattern for a winter hat with the ear coverings and a tie for under the chin.

MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 12:35 AM 11-02-2004
Hi Krista

reece is sick and laying across me so please excuse my typing!

How are you feeling? You only have 3 weeks or so left don't you before your new little one arrives? You sound like you are nesting wanting to organize a knitting circle lol!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it due to where I live, but it sounds like a great idea! I know there are quite few knitters and several keen to learn in our playgroup.

Here is a pattern that I quickly pulled up tonight.

There is also an adult pattern that you might be able to scale down without too much trouble under the hats section. I didn't read through either pattern, just looked at the pictures Poor Reece is pretty sick. Not his usual ball of energy self!
Alison's Avatar Alison 10:57 AM 11-02-2004
I'd love to have a knitting circle. Time is tough though, because of working. Sundays are generally good, and then the alternate Mondays during the day are good too (the same Mondays that I make it to playgroup are the ones I don't work. I work next Monday). Evenings aren't really great, because I work one evening a week and Jeff goes out one evening a week, so we really don't have that many quiet peaceful evenings anyway! Thursday mornings too, since I don't have to work til one.

kristyn's Avatar kristyn 01:34 PM 11-04-2004
hi halifax moms..
i'm new to MDC, and i'm interested in you r playgroup..
i've met allison at baby's first books at the library.. (hi allison)

please let me know if this group still exists, and the details..
looking forward to meeting some more mamas..

i'm also interested in a knitting circle..days are good for me.. weekends too.. weeknights not so good, i have fiddle lessons, and my partner works days so we like to actually see each other once in a while!
Alison's Avatar Alison 03:51 PM 11-04-2004
Yep, we still exist. Mondays from 11-1 at the Fort Massey United Church (right near South and Queen). Use the last Tobin Street entrance to the church. You might need to ring the doorbell!

How are the girls doing? Sonika must be getting big now!

Slackermom's Avatar Slackermom 12:52 PM 11-05-2004
I never get to playgroup because of Ainsley's nap schedule, and now I'm back to work. But I'd love to be part of a knitting circle! I'm only working part-time right now, M-W, so I could make it on Thursdays or Fridays. Sundays might work too. It's a good idea!

kristyn's Avatar kristyn 02:29 PM 11-05-2004
yes alison, sonika is getting big! crawling all over the place and standing up!
where does the time go?

thanks' for the info on the playgroup. i will try to make it out this coming monday..
i think azzurra really needs some more toddler contact..
Krista Voth's Avatar Krista Voth 06:26 PM 11-06-2004
It looks like Thursday Mornings might work for a knitting circle. The next two thursdays are busy for me (and then the baby comes) but in January we could try to have a knitting circle one thrusday a month or so - if work schedules are the same then.

Xian, is the vest pattern knit in the round? If so can you bring it on Monday for me to look at or copy? Thanks! (I hope you are surviving with your broken foot )

Krista Voth's Avatar Krista Voth 03:57 PM 11-08-2004
I will change things to make Thursday work for a knitting circle. Can anyone make it on November 11th or 18th at 9:00 or 10:00. We could meet at my place this time. I live in the South End on Inglis Street, by St Mary's University. I cannot figure out how to do the private messages to send my address, ect. Let me know if you can make it.

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