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Alison's Avatar Alison 01:49 PM 12-12-2004
We're planning on coming, although Andrew has a doc appt that I can't remember when it's for, but I'm pretty sure I planned it so that I could still come to playgroup! So bring the book and you'll probably see me there.


MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 04:05 PM 12-12-2004
Alison please let me know tonight/tomorrow am if you are not going. Reece is not coming in town with us as we have so much to do. So I am coming to playgroup to show you your longies. If you aren't going I'll either go ahead and embroider them or we'll make an alternative meeting.
Alison's Avatar Alison 07:32 PM 12-12-2004
Hey Krista. I won't know until I can call the doctors office in the morning to find out when our appointment is. I seem to remember thinking when I made it that I'd still be able to go to playgroup. Will you check your e-mail before you go out tomorrow? I'll e-mail you as soon as I call the doctor--they don't open til 8:30 though. I can't find that little card with the appointment time on it anywhere!

MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 08:22 PM 12-12-2004
I'll check before heading out

Thanks - now just don't let me forget your longies at home LOL!
Alison's Avatar Alison 11:05 AM 12-13-2004
We'll definitely be at playgroup, Andrew's appointment isn't until 3:10. So, we'll see everyone there. And see our longies from Krista, and get our books from Xtian!

mamabike's Avatar mamabike 08:32 PM 12-13-2004
Hi everybody! We had a great time at playgroup, and Kieran didn't fuss at all on the bus ride home. Baby Brigitte is adorable and her Mama looks radiant. All of the toddler boys played beautifully together.

I need some wardrobe help. Next Monday night is Neil's work Christmas party. It's casual - but not jeans/khaki's KWIM. I'm too pregnant for my dressy clothes but I would look ridiculous in maternity clothes. Does anyone have a skirt size 12 ish? I measured my "waist" and I'm about a 33" right now. I have a nice blouse to wear. I don't think a size 12 dress would work because although I have a bit of a baby belly, I still don't have any boobs (especially now that Kieran has virtually weaned LOL). Any other ideas?
Alison's Avatar Alison 08:48 PM 12-13-2004
Leigh Anne, I have a black skirt that I had to buy to go to a funeral after Andrew was born. Same deal--I couldn't wear maternity clothes any more, but I couldn't fit into my regular skirts yet. I can't remember what it looks like, I just remember that it was a size 11! I'll have a look and see what I can find. You're taller than me, but most skirts are too long on me anyway!

mamabike's Avatar mamabike 11:38 PM 12-14-2004
Thanks so much Alison! Sorry you had such a sad occasion to wear it to though. I'll pm you...
Alison's Avatar Alison 03:37 PM 12-16-2004
Hey guys. Andrew has spent yesterday and today vomiting. Although he's fine in between vomiting, he hasn't kept anything down. We've run out of bedsheets and baby blankets now, major laundry for me! Just wondering if anyone else is sick right now--from the timing, it's a good chance he either caught it at playgroup of gave it to someone at playgroup!

Alison's Avatar Alison 09:39 PM 12-16-2004
Hey, for those of you who are pg, there's a maternity store in Halifax Shopping Centre now! At least you'll have some choice other than Thyme Maternity. It's called Motherhood Maternity, and it looked nice as I walked by!

mamabike's Avatar mamabike 06:31 AM 12-17-2004
Oh no Alison! I'm so sorry that Andrew is sick! No puking toddler problems here (yet). If it doesn't work out, do not worry about the skirt. You have enough to do right now. Xian has a few things for me to try and Neil has some nice cordoroy pants that fit perfectly. I hope things get better for your family over the next day or so.

Leigh Anne
Alison's Avatar Alison 01:45 PM 12-17-2004
Andrew is fine, I'm going to be at playgroup on Monday. I'll bring the skirts, but it sounds like you're fine--you could just wear Neil's pants! Now that you mention it, I remember wearing Jeff's pants and jeans until I was about 5 mnths pregnant!

casscass's Avatar casscass 11:33 PM 12-21-2004
Hi everyone,
I am new to Halifax and newer to this forum thing, although I've been reading some of the threads since we arrived here in October. It sounds like the playgroup is still happening - I'd be interested in coming out with my 10month old in the new year if that's ok.
Alison's Avatar Alison 11:11 AM 12-22-2004
Please do come. We still meet every Monday, and it's usually quite a small group, so an extra person would be very, very welcome!

xian's Avatar xian 11:38 AM 12-22-2004
We'd love to see you casscass. were you the person who came on monday? apparnetly, someone came, must have been just after we left, and found the doors closed. does anyone know who this was?
casscass's Avatar casscass 12:12 AM 12-23-2004
No - it wasn't me last Monday. I don't actually know where or what time you meet...
Alison's Avatar Alison 03:45 PM 12-23-2004
Casscass--we meet at 11:00 am at Fort Massey United Church on the corner of Queen and Tobin--go down Tobin to the furthest back side door of the church. You might need to ring the bell, because the door is often kept locked. If you have no idea where that is, I can probably give you directions from some landmark you do know, just e-mail me!

casscass's Avatar casscass 05:50 PM 12-23-2004
Thanks for the info, Alison. That's about a 3 minute walk from where we live! We will likely see you there sometime after the holiday hubub.
mamabike's Avatar mamabike 06:58 PM 12-23-2004
Welcome casscass!

The bad news: Kieran was in a crabby mood on Monday, then worse on Tuesday, and by Wednesday he had nasty diarrhea. Now, on Thursday, he is no better. In fact, he's probably worse. Poor little guy. Anybody else sick?

The good news: We (finally!) heard the baby's heartbeat today! I can stop worrying now. Apparently he was hiding behind the placenta.

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone,
Leigh Anne
MyBaby'sSmile's Avatar MyBaby'sSmile 05:44 PM 12-24-2004
That's wonderful news about baby's heartbeat I'm sure it was so reassuring.

Poor Kieran! I hope he's feeling better real quick!
xian's Avatar xian 01:02 AM 12-25-2004
o, leighAnne, I'm so pleased that you can relax now. it's awful worrying like that. we've all heaved a big sigh of relief for you! now you can have a super christmas. i hope you looked stunning on monday night, and blew all those eggheads out of the water!

happy christmas to all, and late solstice and hannuka, and kwanzaa, and, i think that's it for this month

mamabike's Avatar mamabike 12:26 AM 12-26-2004
Happy Holidays everyone!
Xian - I dressed up in that classy of yours black skirt and put on a white blouse (the kind you don't tuck in) with princess seams. I looked swish, and not very pregnant. But do you think anyone there was looking at me!?! No way! They were all going ga-ga over my adorable son. He was charming the pants off everyone, especially Neil's boss' wife who has "grandmother fever".
Thank you so much for bringing all of those clothes by. In retrospect, it is fortunate that I decided to keep Kieran home that Monday...considering he came down with a nasty stomach bug two days later.
Leigh Anne
Alison's Avatar Alison 05:03 PM 12-26-2004
Leigh Anne, you don't look very pregnant anyway, or at least you didn't two weeks ago, although I'm sure you feel differently! I'm glad Kieran is feeling better. Sounds like he had something similar to Andrew, except Andrew had vomiting as well--the diarrhea came later!

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday--Andrew was up at the crack of dawn, luckily we set up his train table the night before. Sadly, it now means we have a train table in the middle of our living room! However, it keeps him quiet at 6:00 am, so that we can go back to sleep til 7!

Alison's Avatar Alison 10:29 PM 12-30-2004
Hey, are we having playgroup on Monday? It's the 3rd, and I don't have work, because that's when the holiday is for the 1st being on Saturday. But just wondering if playgroup was still on?

xian's Avatar xian 01:15 PM 12-31-2004
I was just thinking about that. our car is scheduled for an mot that morning, but if trevor drops us off, it should be fine. so, sure, lets do it! what exciting things are planned for hogmanay this year? i think we're going to set up our new dvd, and get some films in. whee.
Alison's Avatar Alison 01:27 PM 12-31-2004
Well, we'll be there. Where's the MOT at and what time? Do you think that Trevor will be able to attend playgroup? I ask because I'm probably going to bring Jeff!

No plans. Hope to be in bed by midnight, and hopefully go to my parents tomorrow for steak pie (no kidneys though, yuck!).

xian's Avatar xian 09:45 PM 12-31-2004
The MOT is at 11:00, which is my fault, as I booked it. oops but he'll drop us off beforehand. steak pie sounds good, i'm with you on the kidneys -

happy new year!!!!!!

Alison's Avatar Alison 04:32 PM 01-05-2005
Christian, thanks for the slippers--he's worn them to bed the past two nights, and to daycare as well. He can't stop looking at his feet!

I'm not working Saturday, so either Saturday or Sunday looks good. What works for you guys? How's your dad doing?

Alison's Avatar Alison 11:35 AM 01-11-2005
Christian--I checked your library card, you should be able to place holds online no problem. Have you tried it again?

xian's Avatar xian 08:54 PM 01-11-2005

thanks, i tried again using my cell 'phone number - bingo. i thought my brain was supposed to start working after weaning!

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