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frommontreal's Avatar frommontreal 01:28 AM 10-20-2009
I'm pregnant with my first and I'm looking for a family doctor for the bean due in january. Anyone have somedy to refer ? I'm in Montreal, but having the right doc is more important for me than distance.

chs89's Avatar chs89 03:41 AM 10-23-2009
Good luck to you, truly And I will be subbing this thread if anyone has any tips...

We have yet to find one and are lucky to have a family doc at all. CTV did a story in the past year or so detailing that something like 30% of Quebeckers are w/o family practitioners? It was also explained to me by a friend who is a family doc that there are no "peds" anymore in Quebec, except for special cases, those that have been grandfathered in, or at the Children's - that you get referred to for special cases. Nice. We have a family doc. She is not "friendly" in the way you mean, but she's not bad in a traditional sense, so we are sort of under the radar with some things. Hoping it gets better soon as the College of Physicians has approved some changes to how/when physicians graduate here in the hopes to up the numbers of family docs in the province. It was also nice to see recently on one of the major networks how GPs/family physicians can drop patients that they don't agree with.

Guess it's just another part of the doc/nurse shortage overall in the province, but not fun to deal with. Also don't like discussing it with my American friends/family (I have duel citizenship) w/ the situation down there.
Hollycrand's Avatar Hollycrand 11:19 AM 10-26-2009
Good luck to you. It,s a matter of luck to find a family doctor who takes new patients, or pediatricians in the Greater Montreal Area.
If you are expecting, do you have an ob/gyn? Pregnant women have priority for this. Go to one, for nothing else (because maybe you don't want to go) than to see if they have any suggestions/connections for a pediatrician or family doctor. A lot of places enjoy taking children from when they are born.

I have a pediatrician in St Leonard (20 minutes away from where I live), who is okay. He's not an anti-biotics mongrel, but places a lot of importance on vaccinations and vaccination schedules . We were super lucky to find him. We had called around several polyclinics asking if they had spots and were referred to this pediatrician. But I almost never go - only for the once a year check up. I go to a naturopth or homeopath when they are sick - even though I have to pay a bit of extra money.
This might help:

Something you could do is go to a Polyclinic and establish a file there - you won't always have the same doctor, but at least they will have your files and be able to do a 'suivi' - follow-up.
frommontreal's Avatar frommontreal 10:46 PM 10-29-2009
Thanks Holycrand.

I'm under care of a midwife for my pregnancy and my regular OB works in an OBs only clinic.

But I have a family doc in a clinic, which I haven't seen in years but I'm pretty sure my file is still open there, I think I'll schedule an appointement for a month after birth to put my file up to date. They have «sans rendez-vous» hours so I think if I come to one of those with the baby they will take him and after there will be a file for her there...

It's just that I wish I could find a Dr that is more in tune with my values...
Hollycrand's Avatar Hollycrand 03:50 PM 10-30-2009

If you or your partner have supplementary coverage, usually homeopaths and naturopaths are covered. As are osteopaths. They might be more of your mind set.
In general, I find most doctors here vaccination happy, so I go to my yearly routine appointment with the kids, say yes yes yes, then go and do my own thing. I frequently go to Ki (on St Denis) or the Health store on Green (Westmount) or even Rachel Berry to get 'alternative' medicine and advice.

Have you tried checking out some of the natural baby equipment shops around? I know there is one on Beaubien and Bordeaux (cloth diapers, etc.) they might know of some natural minded pediatricians? If you live on the West Island there is one in Pointe Claire. Probably one in the Plateau/Mile End or NDG but I don't know those neighbourhoods as well (I'm in Rosemont/Petit Patrie).

Good luck!
Cookie5765's Avatar Cookie5765 07:26 PM 11-02-2009
I no longer live in Montreal, but we had a pretty decent doctor (pediatrician) on the West Island. We got in with her when it was found out in utero that my son would have some things that would need to be followed (I am 98% sure that she is taking new babies with no medical issues as well). She was perfectly fine with us co-sleeping, breastfeeding exclusively for a year, baby wearing and all that jazz. She didn't really blink an eye when we told her we weren't vaxing (she did say "I figured you were THAT kind of parent." (but not really rude like)) She didn't push antibiotics or testing, letting us decide what was best. With my daughter (who had a couple ear infections) she'd prescribe the antibiotic but only for if we felt she needed it/wasn't getting better with our home treatments. The ONLY thing she was pretty hardcore about was vitamin D supplementation so finally we end up telling her we were giving the drops just to get her off our back *lol*

If you want her name, PM me and I'll give it!
tasha123's Avatar tasha123 10:17 PM 03-12-2012


I'm desperately looking for an open-minded ped. Could you tell me the name of the doc u are talking about. This docter sounds really good. Thanks.

daughter of RA's Avatar daughter of RA 10:29 AM 12-19-2013
Im in montreal also i am 8weeks pregant and im on the only 3 lists of midwife center they have here. Because im due in july(as most receptionist told me) i will have a hard time finding a available midwife since its a busy month. I cannot find a familly doctor for a "suivis de grossess" either :-( im terrified at the idea that i will have to deliver my baby "the western way " with an OBGYN and have no empowerment on my delivery it makes me sooo sad i dont know what to do anymore i have made thousands phone calls since the day I hear i was pregant to sort this out but in vain looks like no clinic desire to take on new clients. Really have no idea what to do.. If you have any suggestions or if know a doctor or anything please help im starting to be hopeless. Thank you kindly xx :-(
jcarlos850's Avatar jcarlos850 08:47 AM 03-25-2014


Would love to get the name/e-mail of the ped who is open-minded in the west-island...

...we're also looking for a doc who is not pushing so many vaccines and giving us a hard time...