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Shenjall's Avatar Shenjall 02:16 PM 02-21-2012

sadly yes.  In 2002 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had my choice of midwife.  Can you believe it?!  I had one, but then we decided to do a homebirth and she didnt do them so we met with another.  We were told if we didn't click with this new one, we could try another as well.  Blows my mind to think of it!  

Have you tried calling obs to see if you can get in?  (maybe you answered that already, I'm sorry!) 


NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 09:10 AM 02-23-2012

Hey ladies, do you know of any other good online pregnancy forums for Winnipegers/Manitobans?  I've checked around on some mainstream (U.S. based) sites and I've found little "local" activity, so far.....


We're meeting with a doula this weekend and are hopeful that she can help clear up a lot of questions for us as far as local practices, recommended doctors (I'm going to bring the up the ones that were mentioned in this thread), and hospital experiences....

Shenjall's Avatar Shenjall 11:09 AM 02-23-2012

NewMum, if you haven't yet, I'd try calling the drs mentioned in this thread to see if they're even taking on new patients.  Maybe even making appts to get in (you may have to wait for that first one).  You can always cancel them after you've spoken to your doula.  Good Luck!


Lite 07:36 PM 02-24-2012

PrairieGirl, Nice article!  If I was closer to that area I would love a class like that. 


NewMumJoy,  I have not been able to find a online community that has Winnipegers/Canadians that's been active.  Curious why are you switching to St.B over HSC? Is it  because of the lack of Dr's or the hospital itself?  We are seeing Dr. Logan out of HSC.  My care hasn't felt like care.  Which is why i'm having a doula.  My dr has spent 5 mins with me at my two appt's so far.  It's really a joke.  But hey, it's "free" so I feel like I can't complain too much when I hear of ladies in the US paying close to $4k to have a birth.  I've lived here my whole life and have yet to find a decent family dr.  There just isn't enough dr's in this city.  They are overbooked so the care goes down, imo.


NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 11:33 AM 02-27-2012

Shenjall - I agree, that's my next plan of attack....and I also met with a local doula here over the weekend.  She was extremely helpful and gave me some good insight on doctors, hospitals and their overall approach with birthing here in Winnipeg.  It does seem that across the board, doctors here (whether family practitioners or specialists) have a more hands-off, non-interventionist approach... which puts my mind at ease (esp. if I hire a doula to provide the "emotional" support).  And she assured me that the staff are well qualified to handle any situation, despite the seemingly more antiquated infrastructure.  I'm also feeling less and less "high risk" as this pregnancy goes on uneventfully and thus less "needy" about my care.  So I'm continuing to set up appointments here and will still travel to ND, if in a pinch...


Lite - My doctor at HSC is Dr. Reynolds and I've been hearing good things about him although I still haven't yet met in person (he was absent last appt).  I'm worried that his popularity might make him scarce on delivery day, though.  And I was really disappointed with the facility at Women's Hospital - the main lobby and his office located in the basement felt very old and dingy - not a place where I would like to spend my laboring hours, staring at peeling paint on the wall!  I heard that St. B's might be a somewhat more modern facility??  They do have tubs at St. B's, which would be a HUGE bonus if I could get to use one!


The doula I met with also recommended Dr. Burym (at St. B) - so I'm going to see where I can get with him....

Lite 08:18 AM 03-03-2012

Yeah the HSC is in need of udating/repairs.  Althou the few birthing rooms i've visited with family haven't been too bad, and they usually kick you out in 48hrs if you've had a normal delivery anyways.  Yes St.B does have tubs, so wish HSC did.  My OB mentioned to me that HSC has a lower c-section rate that St. B so that's a plus for me.  And good news, i read in a pregnancy journal, Manitoba has the 2nd lowest c-section rate in the country!

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 07:30 PM 03-03-2012

Lite - that's great news about HSC's c-section rate!  I spoke with another doula this week who also had good comments supporting Dr. Reynolds and HSC..... so I'm starting to feel confident enough to keep him as my doctor and no longer continue the search for others.  I have an appointment with him in a couple of weeks so hopefully he'll be present this time!

prairie girl's Avatar prairie girl 10:16 AM 03-05-2012

Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post

Hey ladies, do you know of any other good online pregnancy forums for Winnipegers/Manitobans?  I've checked around on some mainstream (U.S. based) sites and I've found little "local" activity, so far.....


We're meeting with a doula this weekend and are hopeful that she can help clear up a lot of questions for us as far as local practices, recommended doctors (I'm going to bring the up the ones that were mentioned in this thread), and hospital experiences....

Momstown Winnipeg has an online forum. They offer free membership until 1 month after due date to first time expecting moms: http://momstownwinnipeg.blogspot.com/2012/01/calling-all-first-time-moms.html . Most and events are more baby & toddler focused, but they're a good resource for advice & info to pregnant women.


NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 08:42 PM 03-05-2012

Wonderful - thanks for the tip, PrairieGirl!!

Lite 08:47 PM 03-05-2012

Prairie girl, are you a member there?  How do you like it?

I signed up for the free trial.  Sounds like it might be fun to meet some new ladies while i'm on mat leave.  I don't have any close friends that have babies. 


Originally Posted by prairie girl View Post

Momstown Winnipeg has an online forum. They offer free membership until 1 month after due date to first time expecting moms: http://momstownwinnipeg.blogspot.com/2012/01/calling-all-first-time-moms.html . Most and events are more baby & toddler focused, but they're a good resource for advice & info to pregnant women.



prairie girl's Avatar prairie girl 08:15 AM 03-06-2012

Yep, I'm a member via the free trial. I haven't yet taken part in any events, but I do plan to. So far, I'm enjoying mostly lurking on the forum, reading the blog & learning about the interesting events. I also think I'd use it more on mat leave as I don't have any "mat leave buddies" at this point. Since I'll be returning to work, I'm not sure yet how much I'd use it after mat leave ends, but that might depend on what connections I make and relationships I build during mat leave.


Also, full disclosure: my friend is employed with Momstown. Initially she got really involved, finding it to be a great support & network. Later she was offered employment with them.

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 09:40 AM 03-06-2012

This site looks great, it's just what I need - since I'm new to the area and don't know a soul here, AND have a lot of free time on my hands already!!

heavensearth's Avatar heavensearth 10:45 AM 03-06-2012

babywearer_anon    - I went with encapsulation. The placenta was dried and put into capsules and then I made a tincture with my last few pills. You can also have a tincture made with a piece of the fresh placenta. If I did it again, I think I would do the encapsulation and the tincture with the fresh placenta. Im sure mine with the dried placenta will be great, but I imagine that the one made with a fresh piece will be even better!

prairie girl's Avatar prairie girl 01:00 PM 04-10-2012

Hey Manitoba Mamas,


I wanted to share a Winnipeg thing I've recently discoverd (& become a little obsessed with). It's a group on Facebook called Auction Wars Winnipeg. It's women-only group where members post items for a limited time auction. At the end of the auction the highest bid wins and arranges to pick up the item from the seller. The members seem to post a lot of baby stuff & clothes. I bought a glider chair for super cheap and have seen a ton of other great deals. If you're hoping to save some $ by buying baby stuff second hand, I recommend you check this out and ask to become a member. Although be cautious about cribs & strollers as a lot of users don't follow the rules which state make/manufacturer/year must be posted so the potential buyer can check recall listings.

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 05:29 PM 04-12-2012
That's awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely check that out as there are some things that I hope to find second hand....
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 07:48 PM 04-21-2012

Hey everyone!


I have been meaning to check out the tribe area on MDC but kept forgetting! Nice to see so many MBers here! I live in Winnipeg (Charleswood) and have two older daughters (6 and 10). And I'm due with a baby boy on September 1st.


I was extremely lucky to find a midwife practically immediately. I called the day of my BFP hoping to find my previous midwife (from 7 years ago!) but it turns out she left the province and my other midwife opened that Babymoon place. Luckily, I got a call from a midwife at the new birth centre who worked with my last midwife and she was excited to take me on. It helped that I am having my second homebirth. 


I have a family doctor who is willing to take new patients but I wouldn't really recommend anyone from here to him! He's very anti-midwife and anti-NFP. 


Anyhoo, I planned a waterbirth for my last baby but baby had other plans. Labor/birth was 29 minutes total and I had enough time to fill the bath tub. This time I'm renting an Aqua Doula and while I hope for a quick labor and birth, I wouldn't mind for it to be slightly longer than the last. LOL

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 01:27 PM 04-23-2012

Hi Maman!!  How lucky that your got a midwife, I am so so so envious!!  And your 29 minute birth?  WOW....


I'm planning to take birth classes at Birth Roots, sometime very soon.... is anyone else going there, or has anyone gone there yet?


It's nice to finally see the leaves coming out on the trees here.... hello Spring!!!


Lite 07:56 PM 04-25-2012

Hi Maman!!  OMG 29 mins!!!  That is crazy!  I'm hoping mine is quick, but that's a bit too quick eh...lol

That's awesome you got a midwife and you will be having your home waterbirth!  GL!


NewMomJoy, I'd like to take a few of their classes but my pregnancy budget has gone all to my doula.  What classes are you thinking of?  I just got an email from Nest family center.  New place that has opened up.  I'd like to take some of their newborn/mommy classes.


7 weeks till my due date!!!  Eeeek!

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 09:04 AM 04-26-2012

Lite - 7 weeks! Oh my, oh my!!!  Enjoy your final stretch!  You're going to HSC and have a doula, correct?  Is your doula from Birth Roots as well?  I am hoping to register for the 2 week (tue/thur) prenatal class there which starts on May 22.  It's the only one that lines up w/my DH's crazy travel schedule (and he'd have to miss the last class even then).  Glad that you mentioned Nest Family Centre - I hadn't heard of it before and just checked out their site, perhaps I may register for a prenatal yoga class there... they seem to have some other useful classes that I could see myself taking later on....

Lite 06:13 PM 04-26-2012

Yep HSC with my doula.  My doula started out at Birthroots but now works independently.  She only likes to do maybe 12 births a year.  She has 4 kids and works p/t as a physiotherapist.  Enjoy your classes!  We took the free ones offered by public health and DH had to miss the first one.  I thought they were really great for him.  Got him more involved instead of me just telling him everything I'm reading! 

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 09:02 AM 04-27-2012

Lite - where did you find these "free" classes offered by public health?  Is there a website, or a schedule out there?  Thx!

Lite 04:37 PM 05-22-2012

prairie girl, thanks for the tip about Auction wars.  There are some really great deals to be had but you need to be by your computer to win!  I bid on some jeans this morning, they would be great for postpardum since there is no way in hell i'm getting back into my pre jeans soon, and I lost out for a measly $0.50 because I don't have a smart phone and had to leave for work.  BOO!!!  But I can see it getting dangerously additictive, like kijjii...hehe  Speaking of kijjii, I just scored big time!  I got 8 nursery notion cloth diapers, 3 thirstys covers, and handful of inserts for FREE!!!  I almost felt bad for taking them for nothing, almost ;)  I guess that makes up for losing out on the jeans!

NewMumJoy's Avatar NewMumJoy 01:50 PM 05-27-2012

Yes, I'm addicted to Kijiji!  I check it several times every day as there are so many items constantly being added to it!  So far I've scored a wooden cradle ($40), and I'Coo stroller ($180), a baby tub ($5) and a bouncy chair ($15) !!!  A rocker/glider and an activity mat are my next targets.....

onetwoten's Avatar onetwoten 09:26 PM 06-27-2012
Originally Posted by JelloPanda View Post


BabyWearer_Anon - you don't really need to be checked for dilation. From the research I've done... if you feel the urge to push, you're probably okay to push.  From what I've heard, there's really no benefit to knowing how far dilated you are, other than to make you go  "dammit, only 1 more cm in the past hour?!"  

(Gosh I feel like a loser, I have no experience with that either - I showed up in hospital when I was feeling the urge to push, so I was never checked!  I swear, I really did have a baby - i just apparently missed all the "normal" parts of the process, lol)


Hello ladies!  I haven't checked this thread in a while, don't know if anyone is still around or not. 


First off- I used to be j e n i n e jessica (sorry, just changed my name for privacy reasons, but didn't want to confuse anyone), so I wanted to say that Erthe Mama is very right-- I used poor wording. You don't ever -need- an internal throughout pregnancy or birth. And jellos description up there is very accurate. Knowing dilation really tells you nothing of real use...  I should have worded better that someone will see my ladybits before the delivery was through, and that I wasn't comfortable with that person being a guy. 


I delivered at Women's (HSC) last November.  Did you guys still have any questions about the rooms, etc. I don't remember when everyone was due. 


Also-- I haven't found any other groups, but if you're on FB, there's an Attachment Parenting group, as long as that's your style. It's a lovely group of parents, and some of the best support I've found!  It's Winnipeg Attachment Minded Families. It's a closed group, but just ask to be added and they'll add you. Great for new mamas!

hatchling's Avatar hatchling 11:36 AM 07-23-2012
I'm from MB too...N of Brandon. I have had all of my babies at home, only one assisted, and that was with 2 traditional midwives years ago. Expecting #5 in 2 1/2-3 weeks. I have not gone to see a doctor at all this time around. I'm tired of fighting with them and their pressure to do things that I feel are unnecessary and unsafe, not to mention all of their lies (I have black and white printed proof too) to try to persuade me to go into the hospital. So...I have a question for you all. Since I have not gone to see a doctor, how would we register the birth? Is it just easier to have a doctor see me so that we can put down their name? I really don't want the hassles even now and the negativity that they will have especially since I have gone through this all on my own so far. I don't want the added stress. Any knowledge about how to do the paperwork here if this is the case, or do I just go in and deal with the hassles?
onetwoten's Avatar onetwoten 12:48 PM 07-23-2012

From what I understand you just need some proof of pregnancy. In a pinch, I've heard a signed affidivat from a friend would do, but easiest if you have something from a doctor. Maybe hit a walkin for a blood test to "confirm" lol. They may look at you funny, but at least you'd have your paperwork that says you were indeed pregnant!

stitching's Avatar stitching 12:49 AM 07-26-2012

I'm just interrupting to say I'm new at MDC, and have been in Winnipeg for almost a year now.  We're in the southwest part of the city.


Good luck to all of you who are looking for midwives or doctors - I knew midwives were scarce across most of the country, but didn't know how scarce they were here.  

BbyGrlPickles's Avatar BbyGrlPickles 11:18 AM 12-04-2012

I live in Brandon :P So I'm KINDA close to Winnipeg!

hatchling's Avatar hatchling 01:55 PM 12-04-2012



It turned out that I didn't need anything special. We just filled out the forms that we asked for at the hospital. Of course, as usual, they looked at my DH all confused when he said we needed the papers for live birth. *shaking head* He gets a kick out of their confusion and shock every time when they learn it is not in the hospital/with a midwife. lol


The paperwork is simpler than it used to be. I never once needed to see a doctor and there was no need to put down who I'd seen.


The birth was fast and perfect and done in the tub. The cord was around the bay's neck 2ce, but that was simple to deal with. No issues. The baby was healthy (and chubby now 3 mo. later). :)


I tried the placenta encapsulation (thanks Erthe Mama). I am not too sure if it helped me or not considering I did well afterward anyway. I put the extra into the freezer for future use in menopause/whatever.



Hi BbyGrlPickles! We're not that far away from each other...are you due soon, are you a new mom?

MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 10:34 AM 01-30-2013

Hello fellow Manitobans! I'm hoping someone here or someone you know will be interested in the following:



I'm hoping to find another mother who would be willing to swap childcare. I am returning to school in the fall of 2013 and will need someone to watch my son (who will be 1 year old at that time) 2-3 mornings per week (in my home or yours). I will watch your child(ren) for the same amount of time, days, evenings, weekends, whatever you need! I am willing to be as flexible as required. 

I am a married mom of 3 children (the older 2 are in school full-time) and used to work for Child and Family Services. I am trustworthy, responsible, dependable and honest. I will treat your child(ren) with the same love and affection as I treat my own and I am looking for someone who will do the same. And since I'm a member of MDC, you know my philosophy on parenting...

I'm hoping to develop a friendship with you, too! Let's have coffee or a glass of wine and see if we have anything in common! 


Please let me know!!

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