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nikki999's Avatar nikki999 02:34 PM 10-30-2010
Are there any BWing groups in Simcoe county or York region?

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 02:51 PM 03-16-2011

if you go on tbw..I know there is someone there looking for the same...I am close to Barrie and using Barrie midwives, but to be honest I don't have the time or energy for a bw group...if you need any help or want to try a certain type of carrier pm me :)

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 02:15 PM 03-24-2011

I am from Alliston. I have been trying to start one for a few months now. I'd love to help out! I have a bunch of different types of carriers for people to try as well. 

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 08:37 AM 03-25-2011

I would love to be a part of a group in Barrie, coming from TO with an overflow of places for natural, attachment and other "alternative" family practices and people who believe in them I am struggling to find like minded people up here to meet with.

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 12:23 PM 03-25-2011

Were you ladies interested in meeting this month? 

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 01:57 PM 03-25-2011

yes, definately.  I can only meet on Thursday and Friday's or the weekend, though.

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 02:02 PM 03-25-2011

Let's try to start one for the first friday of the month! Does 1pm work? Where should we meet? 

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 02:19 PM 03-25-2011

1:30 would be better for me, I am doing something at noon so I could get there by one but it would be cutting it close.  I am not sure where to meet up, any suggestions?

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 02:57 PM 03-25-2011

Sounds good! Do you think the library would be okay? Or maybe there's a cafe that we could meet at??

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 04:23 PM 03-25-2011

Why don't we start out at the library and (if it is a nice day) we can decide if we walk down and check out the cafe's on Dundas or stay there.  I know there are a few there but haven't been to any.  Where did you want to meet in the library?

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 04:31 PM 03-25-2011

How about in the Children's area? Now lets spread the word and see if we can get a few more people to come outslingtwin.gif

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 07:04 PM 03-25-2011
I don't know anyone in Barrie that might be interested in this. I get strange looks for saying I buy organic let alone the response to my beliefs on schooling, family beds, tv etc. Lol.
Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 07:09 PM 03-25-2011

Hahaha I hear yah! You should see some of the looks I get from MIL. I know of a few people that *might* be interested and I'll try to spread the word on some other sites too.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 12:39 AM 03-26-2011
How many kiddos are you guys bringing? I have a 4 year old and a 19 mos old and a cafe just sounds all wrong... Lol

Maybe I will hook up with you guys in a few weeks when we can meet at a playground outside;)

I hear you about the odd looks. I was in Newfoundland with my first in a s
All town to boot... I carried ds right until they day I gave birth to my dd...oh yes a few stares there.... And then carried both starting that

Now I am pg again.
dd does not like to be carried as much as ds did (still

Maybe it is the difference inthe time of year they were born hmm

Looking forward to hearing how your meeting works out.. A cafe sounds so nice...ahhh

It will be a long time before I will be able to enjoy one of those again;)

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 01:43 AM 03-26-2011

I think both of us are just bringing one but you can bring both! I was just thinking maybe there's a local caffe that is dead during the day and wouldn't mind some momma business and some free range kids running around lol. If you have any suggestions of a place we could meet that would be better for kids let us know! We'd love it if you could come out too!

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 08:40 PM 03-26-2011

I am open to another suggestion too.  Just let me know, because my son is only 10 months I am not to sure what kid friendly places are around Barrie yet.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 09:25 AM 03-27-2011

I do not know Barrie very well


there are Ontario Early Years Centers all over.

There is one in Alliston open Monday -Sat

Wachee's Avatar Wachee 06:37 PM 03-30-2011

There is one of those in Barrie too but it is closed Friday afternoons.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 09:01 AM 03-31-2011

And I heard it gets so packed sometime that they have to close the doors due to reaching capacity

Ecochique's Avatar Ecochique 06:38 AM 04-01-2011

Wow that's crazy!!! I live in Alliston so I'm going to have to try out the OEYC there sometime soon! Hopefully next week one day.




Anyways, IT'S TODAY!!! Hope to see some of you ladies there with your carriers and babies/ children.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 08:14 AM 04-01-2011

i do go there sometimes, but no car today...

Alex61wear5's Avatar Alex61wear5 04:40 AM 06-08-2011


I am searching for a babywearing group for my niece in Alliston, Ont.  I live in Stow, Massachusetts and she is struggling with the slings I sent her and wants very much to be successful slinging and nursing as her son is pretty big and she is very petite!  I sent her a Moby wrap as well as traditional cotton rail sling.  Any information or ideas would be appreciated!

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 06:31 AM 06-08-2011

there is none, but if she needs help there is a sore in Barrie called Serenity Birth studio that will teach her how to use them...I haven't got a spare second myself, but if I do I will pm you.

Sunshinemama8's Avatar Sunshinemama8 11:17 AM 07-14-2013
Reviving this thread - was a meeting ever set up? I just moved to Borden.