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My little one is nearly 5 months old and they have started hounding us about vaccinations, we haven't done any yet. We DO want to vaccinate... eventually and selectively but I'm just finding it so hard to find any information about CANADIAN vaccine schedules! I found a Delayed schedule here on MDC, but they basically just flood the one year old with vaccines...


I'm looking for something like Dr Sears Vaccine book with Canadian information, or any links that could lead me to something like that. Anybody out there that can help me with any leads at all?

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Have you been to the site? I always find them very helpful.



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Wasn't sure if you found your answers, so I thought I'd respond.  I was in the same boat a few years ago.  There really wasn't a good resource on selective/delayed vaccination.  I haven't seen the site lately, but I found VRAN to be a little bit too anti-vaccine for my taste, and while I found some useful information, I am just as skeptical of claims of excess harm as I am of excess benefit.


The Dr. Sears book and mothering, pubmed, cochrane were my best resources....along with the local health unit.    


I asked the health unit for printouts of all the recommended vaccines (the actual product inserts from the vaccine boxes from the company, not just some dumbed down biased summary made up by the local health authority).  The printouts actually had some info (hard to find) on delayed vaccination and catch up schedules.  I used this to make my "best educated guess" as to how to space dd's vaccines.  And I also spent a lot of time on Pub Med and Cochrane database doing my own research reviews (some have the whole articles available, which is really the only way to tell if a study was actually done well....reading abstracts alone doesn't tell the whole story).  


As far as I know it's nearly impossible to get most of the combi vaxes split up.  In the end I wound up doing the 5-in-1 (Hib, pertussis, polio, diptheria, tetanus) starting at 9 months (when I figured her chances of picking up tetanus increased).  I skipped the Prevnar (pneumococcal) due to some research I found that showed that overal rates of invasive pneumococcal disease actually hadn't declined....the strain covered by the vaccine was being replaced by another.  Kind of like the whole antibiotic saga. Plus another study showing that current breastfeeding was extremely protective (but the benefit seemed to stop once bf stopped)...but that having older siblings, daycare exposure and a history of antibiotic use were all risk factors.  Since I had none of those risk factors and was still bf, I felt very comfortable with skipping this one altogether.  I've also skipped the MMR, varicella, meningococcal C and Hep B for now (will probably revisit in teen years or if we went travelling).  I'll probably never get her a flu vaccine as long as she is relatively healthy without any chronic conditions.  I work in healthcare and don't even get it for myself. 


dd is now 4 and fortunately has been very healthy (has been in daycare and had colds and a norwalk virus) and we've managed to never have any illness requiring antibiotics.


If she hadn't breastfed so long, then I'm not sure I would have been as confident in skipping the pneumonia/meningitis vaccines.  breastmilk has strong antibacterial qualities as I'm sure you know!


Good luck.  Sorry I don't know one stop resource out there...but do use your public health unit and don't be afraid to ask questions.  A reasonable public health nurse will give you the product inserts and will answer your questions without treating you like they think you're just an alarmist hippy.  And if they say no to giving the product inserts, just keep asking till you get them! 

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My GP has an alternate schedule that he gave me once but it wasn't delayed enough for my taste - was mostly just broken down so baby wasn't getting more than 1-2 shots at a time but was getting them more often. I think vaccine schedules are made at the provincial level - I know I've looked up the schedule on a BC govt website before...I took it and compared it to the Sears schedule and then decided what I wanted and didn't want.


I agree with PP that it's almost impossible to get vaccines that aren't combos. We wanted tetanus for ds2 (who for a long time was particularly accident prone) and couldn't get just tetanus in a child dose. Our GP said if I could source the vax from the US, he would gladly administer it. He ended up being able to get us the TD (tetanus diphtheria) and I was ok with that at ds2's age.


If public health is hounding you, can you just tell them that you are taking care of it with your GP (even if that's not true...)?

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What I did is researched every vaccinne individually (all product inserts are available from the Canadian manufacturers website - google for example, "Tetanus Vaccine Manufacturer Canada", you can usually find out what vaccine is used in Canada (or ask Public Health or your doctor") then google that vaccine and you will find the manufacturer, then go to the product monograph or prescribing information and you can find info on the vaccine.


Then, go to American, Canadian and British Medical journals (available free on line) and also the Statistics Canada website, where you can find the raw data on numbers of cases of each disease, what age group (most deaths/complications are in premies, those with autoimmune disorders etc.), look at the straight numbers of cases, age groups, etc. and then decide on each vaccine which you even want to do to start with, and then you will have a sense for how long "immunity" takes and make your decision from there based on the age of your child.


For example, once I learned more about Tetanus, and that there has never been a single recorded case of Tetanus in a child in Canada, (because children generally have good blood circulation and bleeding causes Tetanus to be a non-issue...much more I could go in to there...) I decided not to vax for tetanus.


Once I learned the odds of getting very sick or dying from each of the diseases, and what the risk factors were and that my kids had none, we decided not to vax at all.  The only one I would have considered is Whooping Cough/Pertussis, but at the time, it may have changed - it took several courses to attain immunity, but by the time immunity was reached (18 months I think?) the risk period had elapsed (risk reduced significantly around 12 months I think?) we decided no point in that one either.


There is also a table availble, if you can still find it, Statistics Canada had it up for years but may have removed it, that shows that the rate of decline was the same BEFORE vaccines as it was after, (in fact, ther were may peaks even after certain vaccines were introduced).  It showed each disease, number of cases, date vaccine was introduced and you can see on the graph how vaccines actually made little difference.  Most cases for vaccine will show you a chart with a rate of decline starting AT the point of vaccine introduction, but they dont' show you the "before vaccine" decline was the same as the "after" so not attributable to vaccines.


And the more I researched the more I became convinced that vaccines don't actually work.  They used to use live vaccines, which made sense - the body naturally becomes immune to those diseases once we've contracted them so if we contract them via vaccine, we then get a mild case of it and become immune. But after they found that all polio cases in recent years were actually being causes BY the polio vaccine, they started using dead vaccines.  So now all vaccines are dead ones.  I've never been able to find a logical, rational convincing explanation for how you get immunity from a dead cell.  Wouldn't we all be immune them from touching doorhandles with dead viruses, that were recently sprayed with Lysol? LOL  Okay, I'm over simplifying on that one, but my point is the more I researched, the more I am convinced that today's vaccines very likely do not even work.


Not to sway you and I know you want to vaccinate, but I think it is helpful to actually research each disease and each vaccine and decide which you wan to do and when based on your child's health, age, risk periods, when they'd reach immunity etc.  Also, once your child is older (I think it is 8+?) you can get single vaccines, you don't have to get the combos anymore.  FYI.


Good luck in your decision.



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Thank you, Monkeybum, for that entire post! 

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Check out the resources written by Naturopathic Doctor, Katia Bailetti, Childhood Vaccinations: Answers to Your Questions and the  workbook, Childhood Vaccinations: Making Informed Decisions.  (


I found her books to present the facts in a somewhat unbiased manner (nobody can be completely unbiased) and helped us to arrive at a decision for our daughters vaccination schedule.  

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